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The Power of Blogging in the World of Viral Marketing

The Power of Blogging in the World of Viral Marketing

Did you know that one of the most effective tools to reach and connect with your customers is by means of blogging? Yes, you read the statement right, blogging is a very powerful tool when you are targeting an effective viral marketing campaign. This concept lives on the thought of spreading information about your product or services continuously by conveying messages from one person to another effectively. Blogging virally and social bookmarking sites should be considered as a pair that should be paired when striving for effective viral marketing campaigns.

Blogging and Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites can be very beneficial because they have this special power to offer you the chance to realize your viral marketing objectives. Look at it in the simplest scenario: A person who is fond of browsing the net will use social bookmarking sites as their primary storage area of sites or blogs that they intend to revisit later on because of interesting blogs or site contents that they find useful and enjoyable. It will be easier for them to just open bookmarked sites rather than search for it again.

Every time a reader puts a bookmark to your blog in any social bookmarking sites it means a going back link to your blog post, which means additional traffic and of course making better ranks in search engines. More readers coming back to read your posts on your blog also mean additional links without the task of promoting the site or blog again and again; simply because it has spread virally.

Effective Blogging Virally

The most important and crucial aspect that you need to remember when blogging for the purpose of viral marketing is to compose a blog with interesting, enjoyable, and appealing contents. With all of these definitions, it would be easier for you to generate more and more traffic; thus effectively promote your product or services and your business as a whole.

Once readers find your blogs beneficial and enjoyable it would serve as a great convincing factor to come back and visit your blog or website, which is your goal why you created the blog, isn’t it? This is a positive sign for the business that you are trying to promote. If you will try to analyze it further, you will really see the reality that blogging is without a doubt a very effective viral marketing idea.

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  1. Blogging skills combined with expertise on social media marketing equals effective viral marketing.

  2. I agree with the social bookmarking, something like Digg can completely change your traffic in one day. I recall a site named pliqq.us, or something like that which lets users exchange diggs with each other

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