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Generating Traffic through Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is the ethical means of driving more traffic to your website. Most of these techniques are free to implement although such will require hard work and commitment. However, it can really help those website owners who are struggling to generate sufficient traffic. Below are some viral marketing techniques:

1. Writing eBooks with your website links

Many eBooks are being sold on eBay and most of them carry the author’s website links. Writing an eBook of your niche would definitely help in boosting your traffic. Because it is your niche, you will not find it difficult to create a 25 paged one which you can sell online. Just be sure that the eBook that you will sell has a legal notice or resell rights.

2. Joining Social Media Sites

Another popular way of generating traffic is joining social media sites, particularly, those that are popular to online marketers. You can join sites such as Digg, Stumble Upon, Face Book, My Space and Sphinn.

3. Creating and posting videos

Creating and posting videos on Video sites are effective viral marketing techniques. With the use of camcorders or digital cams, creating your own video is made easy and by posting it on sites such as YouTube, you can drive traffic to your website.

4. Submitting articles to article submission sites

This may not guarantee enough traffic but it will definitely help in building up your integrity and reputation. Some bloggers would probably publish your articles or create back links with your signature if the content that you have written has good quality.

5. Participating in online forums and leaving blog comments

Participate in forums but make sure that you will supply quality responses and do not forget to affix your website links which you will use as your signature in your responses. Leaving comments on other’s blog post can also help in generating traffic.

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  1. The forums idea is very good. It is obvious, but lots of people forget to put their website link in their signature. You can easily have 1000 posts on a large forum, which would mean you’d have your link in over 1000 places. Plus, forums have great Click through rates, since people want to see what sites you like, what you work on etc

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