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BANS – Build a Niche Store

BANS (Build a Niche Store) , is a script to build E-Bay Affiliate Stores.

The only real effort you need to do “Choose the Correct Niche to Target” , if you don’t pass enough time on this , BANS Is USELESS.

Your Aim using BANS (Or being an Ebay Affiliate) is to make “potential Ebay buyers” visit your site and that’s it :) .. well they need to click on the ebay products from your site

here is what the system look like :


The Good Things About the Build A Niche Store (BANS) :

  • Very Easy to Install
  • Very Easy to Configure
  • A lot of Niche Available
  • Links are SEO friendly, most pages will get cached in Google
  • You can Optimise Each Page with specific Title , Contents and Keywords
  • You can Integrate Google AdSense easily (usually not done for affiliate sites , you don’t want to loose a potential buyer for 0,05 cents)
  • You can make 25$+ more / simple registration from Ebay
  • Support team is available + Forum members (BANS Community)

BANS : Choose your country, choose your niche, develop your site, market your site, rinse and repeat!

The CONS Things About the Build A Niche Store (BANS) : well more related than in BANS it self .

  • It’s Country targeted (well it’s more an ebay problem) , if your customers are from Canada , you will need to install the Canada store database .
  • It’s very hard to find the Correct Niche
  • A lot of users are joining BANS ,Competition is growing ..if you are not good in seo and provide unique Content , dont waste your time

Recommendation for BANS :

If you want to start Building BANS (BUILD A NICHE STORE) , Try to use a site that you already own and see how you can integrate BANS in it .

Don’t use BANS Skeleton without adding contents to the Available products .

Finally if you want to see BANS in action , you can see one of my sites : Muay Thai Store

Good luck with your BANS !

Let me know your experience using Bans …

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  1. This is great if you want it to look like you have a store, without really having to ship and take care of everything. you get a nice cut just for showing people where they can buy something :)

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