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SAP Simulation Game

Well this is a test post , for my Site readers you can stop reading :)

I’m just testing how well my website perform in term of SERP , for those who don’t know what does SERP stand for well it’s for “Search engine results page” and I’m telling you this just to increase the number of words in my post :)

OK lets go back to my test , what i want to do is test how long it takes for Google to cache this page and what would be the position for SAP simulation game the keywords I’m targeting .

Why ? well just because a teacher came today to our class and spoke about his project (SAP simulation game) and he was very happy with his SERP for the SAP simulation game keywords .

For those who don’t know , SAP is a Business software application used worldwide .

It was founded in 1972 by five former IBM Engineers , well that’s it for today … let’s see the result for the SAP TRAINING GAME ;)

Again this was just a SAP blog test , if you came here searching for info related to SAP .. well sorry you wont find anything , especially the famous SAP SIMULATION GAME !

Updates on SAP Simulation Game

Well i knew it :) , in less than 12 hrs i ranked first and beat them ;)


By the way , all my knowledge is self learned , i didn’t learn anything from my Master degree in E-Commerce , just wasted my time .

Sorry Jacques Robert … you will have to change your PPT presentation and be less confident about your SERP next time ;)

Note : If you are searching using .ca you will find their result before mine … since they are using .ca domain they have more strength .

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  1. haha … The professor did sound very confident on how solid his search engine position was… Nice Experiment ;-)

    It’s also interesting that Baton Simulation (http://batonsimulations.com/, that’s the company behind that SAP game) doesn’t come up anywhere near the top. They are not even listed in the the top 70+ results (I must say I gave up after the 7 google results page with a grin on my face).

  2. i think he learned his lesson now … never disclose your main keywords ;)

  3. lol, you sure did show him! I can bet him showing that he is ranked good in google on SAP simulation game and then getting this page… great experiment you made here :D

  4. um were is the sap game where you can do hair

  5. i need a game that calls sap games you can do hair

  6. That’s because SAP is trademarked, and from an academic perspective, we want some degree of objectivity and independence. So, ERP simulation game, not SAP simulation game…

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