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SEO and Page Optimization Elements

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts could be greatly improved by using on-page optimization elements. Through the proper use of these elements, optimum visibility and high ranking could be assured.

Page Title. The page should have a title which should contain the keywords or keyword phrase. As the most important among the elements of on-page SEO, this is given the highest weight in terms of search engine result pages.

Meta Description. Every search engine result page listing shows a snippet which is called a meta description. Just like the title, it should also contain the keywords in the first line. It should be between 100-150 characters including spaces, giving the gist of the page.

Page Headers. Page headers could boost your site ranking if they contain the keywords because search engines give a higher importance to these. However, do not overuse headers in a page if they are not really necessary.

Alternative Text. In SEO, this element compensates for the spaces that are used up by images. Since search engines cannot read texts that are within an image, alternate text or alt text is used. This enables the search engine to “read” the image and include it to evaluate the page for search engine ranking.

Keyword Prominence. Placing the keywords at the top and at the bottom (last sentence) of the page is the best idea. Search engines could easily find keywords placed in these positions because spiders read from the top left going to the bottom right.

Keyword Density. The ratio of the number of times a keyword appears to the total number of words in an article is known as keyword density. The relevance of a document is highly rated if the keyword density is between 3-7%. Content writers should see to it that keywords are just within this range of percentage.

Content. The relevance between the content and the keywords is the measure of site ranking in a search engine. The use of texts is preferred over images is preferred since crawlers feed on texts. The content should be natural, informative and entertaining in order to ensure that visitors keep coming back to your site. These are the elements that could propel your SEO efforts to the top of the list.

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  1. These are some good suggestions for good seo. Lots of people that are new to websites don’t even make a meta description, and then are surprised that they can’t find their site in google. I really think this article could help a lot of people, and i wish i would have read this when i made my own website :P

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