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Website Traffic – Its Relation to SEO

Website traffic can be measured using different indicators which could include how many hits a particular site has, the number of pages being viewed, and the number of visitors (both unique and return). On these indicators also depend the optimization efforts to increase the traffic to a particular site. It could be increasing the number of hits, the number of pages viewed or the number of different visitors. Businesses always target for an increased site traffic because it gives great advantage. Because of this, efforts to identify the contributing factors should be undertaken by every site owner.

However, there seems to be ambiguity on what really constitute the real indicator of website traffic because of these different factors being considered. There are webmasters who consider the number of hits on a website as the real indicator. However, taking into consideration the whole picture of web traffic, it is not. There are other things to be taken into account in order to figure out what should be the real indicator or indicators.

Whatever be the real indicators, there are sure steps to increase it. There are at least two steps that have already been proven to do so. The first is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Any business can increase traffic to its site by developing unique and appropriate keyword phrases which is the main concern of SEO. It is ideal to use two or three words to a keyword (keyword phrase). Using individual keywords is not advisable because it will be very competitive and the chance of getting high ranking is reduced.

After developing relevant keywords or keyword phrases, the second factor to consider is where to place these and how often should they appear (keyword density) on your web page. Website traffic can be greatly affected either positively or otherwise by the placement of keywords. The general trend is those keyword phrases that appear in the page title or at the top portion of a page contribute positively to increasing the traffic to the site. Keyword density parameters depend on the search engine algorithm. Utmost care should be taken so as not to sacrifice quality just to gain an increase in website traffic.

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  1. I really agree with the last thing you’ve said. I have seen many websites that are so clearly just keyword written that a user sees total gibberish, only the search engine bot sees great things lol. You could always cloak, though that is more black hat

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