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SEO How to Make Your Website Friendly and Visible

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is still the only reliable way of getting high rankings and visibility in search engines result pages. Different techniques have been developed in order to compete with other sites that offer similar contents. There are good and bad practices, and both could deliver the goods. However, there is still no substitute to sticking to the rules and ethics of website optimization.

Through the years there has evolved five sure ways to optimize your website, making it search-friendly and visible, without having to use the so-called Black Hat techniques that deceive searchers and give them a bad search engine experience.

First, make sure that you have the right keywords and phrases. Searchers use keywords and key phrases with the hope of finding what they need. Make your site easy to find by using the relevant keywords and just the right keyword density.

Second, have your contents well-written. Search engine spiders and users look for high-quality site content, which gives your site heavier quality traffic load and therefore high ranking. Poorly-written contents, those that are not relevant to searchers’ needs, or those that are not regularly updated make your site unfriendly to both search engines and users.

Third, never use Black Hat SEO techniques. As what has been cited earlier, these techniques raise the ranking of your site, but are unethical because they use deception. Invisible text, keyword stuffing and doorway passages are some of the Black Hat strategies. The thing is, with the search engine spiders becoming more efficient, deception can now be easily tracked and your site would be banned.

Fourth, use metatags properly. Always use little tags, description tags, and keyword tags in every page. Although these are not as important as the previously stated ways yet their use in SEO will contribute to high visibility of your site.

Fifth, build a well-designed website. Make it easy to navigate, use frames that are not distracting, and do not overload your pages with graphics. As much as possible, each page should show all what searchers want to find otherwise, they would look for another site. Give your SEO program a boost by effectively using these five strategies.

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  1. About using black hat methods, they are only effective for some one who wants to make a quick buck. lots of black hat sites have been banned from google from black hat activities like cloaking, although i don’t think all black hat methods are bad if you use them correctly.

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