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Website Traffic – How to Increase It

Website traffic could be increased in several ways. A website owner could choose from the different strategies of getting more visitors to click on their website. Following are some tips on how this could be achieved.

Placing your website in search engines is one effective means. As much as possible, the site should be listed in the first page of the search because the first page gets the greatest chance of being found by users. As the competition to get the biggest traffic of visitors gets tough, the proper placement of a website in a search engine would be very crucial. Building a good website could not guarantee getting maximum exposure if it is not placed strategically in the search engine itself.

Another means to increase website traffic is through advertisements. These could take the form of pop-up ads, bulk e-mails and in-page advertisements. These devices could increase traffic to your site as more and more users get to know it. Bulk e-mails could prove beneficial because it could contain lots of information about your website. A pop-up ad when done in good taste has the greater power to push the visitor to move on to your website. In-page ads when placed at a strategic location in the page could easily catch the attention of prospective visitors.

Building link popularity is still another way. The web abounds with sites that are similar to yours. You could write e-mails to these sites and offer them a link to your site. Aside from this, website traffic could be increased by sending articles to e-zines or to sites that publish articles for free. The strategy is to include your link in your article. Every time your link in the article is clicked, your site gets free traffic.

Other strategies that would prove affective are webrings and classified ads. Webrings are websites linked together in a somewhat circular manner usually under a common theme. Through this strategy, similar websites could link together so as to work for a common purpose. Of course classified advertisement is probably the most common among the aforementioned strategies but still proves to be an effective way of increasing website traffic.

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  1. Don’t forget, you could always hire a blogger to write a blog post about your website in their blog, post a view links and you could have lots of hits of that blog’s followers, since they normally trust the blogger about good sites :)

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