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SEO – An Overview

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process whereby a website owner exerts efforts at improving the volume and quality of its traffic that comes from search engines. By the use of targeted keywords, traffic to a website could be greatly affected by its strategic placement or rank in a search result. The trend is that the higher the rank of the site is, the greater the chances that more searchers would find and visit it. Usually, those that are found in the first page of the search result get the most number of clicks. It is in this aspect that optimization could prove a lot helpful.

Webmasters have begun doing site optimizations in the middle of the 90s. From these first efforts, site owners gradually recognized how optimization could help, especially when more and more sites sprang up and offered almost similar content. Thus there was already the need for their sites to be more visible and highly ranked compared with the others.

SEO targets at increasing the relevance of a site. It is a marketing strategy that finds out how search algorithms operate and what users search for. By making sites more relevant, the needs of users could be easily met and users in turn could readily identify their needs with the site which eventually results to an increase in the site’s traffic. Coding, presentation, and structure, at the same time solving problems that would hamper search engine indexing programs from fully spidering a site are some activities that could also be performed.

Another effort that SEO could include is the addition of unique site content. This unique content could easily be indexed by search engine robots thus enabling the site to capture users more easily. Black hat or spamdexing is a technique that uses link farms and keyword stuffing. This does not conform to the guidelines of search engines and for not quite a long time, these could be noticed and the site could be banned, or removed from the search engine’s indexes.

From the foregoing, it is clear that SEO is an effective process that helps website owners increase their traffic through various methods that lead to the attainment of their objectives.

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  1. This is a great overview about SEO. I bet any newbie to the online world would find this helpful. It’s alot harder now with SEO since there are tons and tons of websites offering the same thing, so your very lucky to even get on the first view results on google for most niches.

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