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Free-dom of Expression

As the technological revolution gains more momentum in the 21st century, people are finding new, convenient and cost-efficient means of expressing themselves. Self-expression has become easier and more accessible than anyone could have ever imagined. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, the term “blogging” could be just another entry on your Vocabulary Enhancement list.

The word Blogging came from the combination of the words “Web” and “Log”. Ergo, for as long as you have logged on the world wide web (or internet for starters) and have a left a paper trail (where you actually didn’t use paper at all) then Wala, you have subscribed to the most popular and single cheapest form of expression in the present time! Think of it as a Diary; an entry to this diary would be labeled as a blog, the writer and creator would be called a “blogger”, the diary in itself is termed the web page or blog site, and the continuous feed on this diary would eventually be named blogging.

The blogs range from a short and simple expression of anger, to essays and poetry pieces that could speak of love, politics and religion while web pages allow more personal touch from the maker of this electronic diary. Since bloggers may use a variety of web tools to specifically customize their work – including artistic designs, serene background music, and extrinsic photos – the creation is very definitive of the creator. The personality demonstrated. More importantly, a blog site displays links to other sites that creates a widespread connection among bloggers. This unprecedented phenomenon is happening because contrary to the popular perception of the secrecy of a diary, blogging is for everyone to see.

What really makes it very popular is that it perpetuates a constant flux of multinational and multiracial form of interaction. Blogging creates a massive hype of thought exchanges without the hassle of paper works. All these lie at the tip of your hands and the convenience of personal computer. Expressing oneself has never been this easy, and cheap.

More and more people from diversified backgrounds are now using blogging as a very powerful tool in achieving specific purposes: religious sectors in aid of spreading the good word, the government in promoting national unification, and business organizations in identifying their industry statue. In other words, blogging is expression. For free.

Now it’s your turn.

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  1. I agree fully with this article. Blogging is a wonderful creation, letting the masses speak out. It’s possibly the best way to express yourself online.

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