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Keyword Density – Its Importance in SEO

Keyword density means the ratio of the keyword to the total number of words printed on a given page in a website. In SEO, its importance cannot be underestimated because it could spell the difference between visibility and oblivion.

Search engine result pages simply show which sites have high rankings. Needless to say, those that occupy the first page are those that have managed well and improved their keyword density in the contents that they load in their site.

On the part of search engines, an article containing a higher density of a keyword has a better chance of getting a higher ranking on a result page. The higher the percentage of the keyword is to the total number of words, the higher the ranking a particular content gets. This has a certain limit of course. Although different search engines have their own way of determining the density of a keyword, this general truth about keyword density generally holds true.

There are some tips on how keyword density in a website could be improved. Writing sentences that use the important keywords is one. A good writer can do this – one who can repeat the same words many times in his article and yet keeping readability at a maximum and redundancy at a minimum. Instead of using synonyms for the keyword, repeating the same would significantly increase keyword density.

Repetition here does not mean stuffing in meaningless sentences or unrelated ideas. Although this trick could work for some websites, latest technology would eventually develop a tool to catch these unscrupulous “webmasters” who try to deceive search engines and eventually the users. Useful content, worth of ideas and information that a visitor can get out of the article should still be the main focus of the repetition.

Using keywords that are not relevant could only result to getting web traffic that is high in quantity but low in quality. Therefore, when creating a new page or editing existing ones, it is important to use only the most relevant keywords or key phrases. Maintain high SEO ranking by the intelligent use of keyword density in web content articles.

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  1. This is a great article about keyword density, and this blog is a perfect example of great keyword density. Lots of new webmasters may make unreadable content, just because they think if they say their keyword 100 times they’ll be the highest ranking, which isn’t always true.

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