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A Computer Jargon Lesson: Keyword Density

Some people may wonder how Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines come up with the results for their searches, these internet moguls rely on a ratio called the Keyword Density. The Keyword density is the measurement of how often a particular word or phrase appears in a web page. It is calculated by the ratio of a word or phrase in relation to all the other words included in the text.

The keyword density is also a vital tool used to recognize spam entries. In computer jargon, spam is a text automatically sent multiple times everywhere around the internet to display an advertisement or message, even to people who wouldn’t choose to see it. This is common in emails and chat rooms where advertisers use computer robots to pose as humans, and send several messages to individual users.

Search engines rely on the percentage of keyword densities for the ranking of the relevance of searches. Web sites depend on this ratio by using abundant keywords in their pages, this is so that they may be frequently publicized by search engines and their intended audience may find them easily. Other marketers may take advantage of this by adjusting their keyword density, even if the site has no significance whatsoever to the user’s initial search. Some web sites use a modus operand called Keyword Stuffing, which deceptively hides keywords or phrases in their site so that it will have a high search ranking. This is usually done by typing keywords or phrases onto the site and then painting the words the same color as the background, this technique ensures that visitors will not see it but the search engines will.

This is a grave disadvantage for search engines because their searches will become completely unreliable if their results have no substance.

This is why search engines run a tight reign concerning the web pages they represent. They ban web sites from their search index that exploit the keyword density.

Obviously, no web site would like to be banned from any major search engine, since this would completely hinder their pages from any advertisement and client availability. Thus, they use Keyword Density Analyzers to secure their pages from any unintended spam. This tool counts the total amount of times a certain keyword appears on a page. It allows web owners to use the keyword density to their advantage without abusing the system.

For the best possible result using search engines, users may utilize the “Advanced Search” option, this option allows the user to filter and customize their search details. It is important for internet users to understand what the keyword density is so that they may appreciate and recognize how search engines work very well, and why they sometimes do not.

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  1. this is an interesting article, it’s always important not to make your site even look a tiny bit as if it’s keyword stuffing if you really are trying to do white hat seo, since getting banned by google is pretty nasty.

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