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A Quick Overview on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an internet marketing strategy that increases a site’s relevance. It is referred to as the process of increasing the quality and volume of traffic to web sites from various search engines. The most popular search engines are Microsoft, Google and Yahoo.

Through SEO, a good volume of traffic is usually generated in a certain website via search results for specific or targeted keywords. Oftentimes, early site presentation in search results or a higher ranking for that particular site, the more likely that searchers will visit the site. Image searches, local and even industry-specific information can be targeted with SEO.

SEO is, in general, a strategic marketing tool that increases a site’s popularity and visibility among searchers. It gives major consideration on search algorithms and how they work as well as what internet users usually search for.

The efforts of SEO involve a site’s presentation, over-all structure and coding and resolving of problems that could keep indexing programs of search engines from spidering a site fully. Other significant efforts include incorporating unique site contents to ensure that it is indexed easily by search engines. It is also important to make the site interesting to create a good appeal among users.

SEO is a term used by consultants in a specific industry that perform projects concerned with optimization for their clients, and by some employees who do in-house SEO services. The term SEO was used to refer to them as search engine optimizers. They usually provide SEO services on a stand-alone basis. However, some offer SEO services as a part of bigger and wider marketing campaign or promotions.

Studies have revealed that searchers normally scan or browse search result pages from the top going down to the bottom and from left to right (in languages that apply).

As a marketing strategy, position plays a big role when it comes to the volume of searchers most likely to notice the site.

Placement in areas that are most easily noticed based on the studies that were conducted, such as at the top or near the top of ranking, significantly increases the volume of searchers who will most likely visit the site.

Referrals by search engine do not always guarantee more sales. SEO does not apply as a marketing strategy for all websites. In fact, other internet marketing strategies may work depending on the site operator’s specific objectives. This may involve paid advertising campaigns on several pages and search engines as well as building quality website and web pages meant to attract and convince target audiences.

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  1. Something that could really hurt your SEO is if you have a membership site with limited access not to registered members, which wouldn’t allow the search engine bot to spider most of your site.

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