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Means of Measuring Website Traffic

To create a website traffic is the greatest mission of the websites. After knowing the different ways in enhancing your page to attract more visitors and browsers, it is then important to know how you can track the number of browsers or visitors in your page for you to determine if you have attained your goal in creating website traffic. There are actually three ways to measure one’s website traffic and these include the server based logs, user based log and the ASP based logs.

Naturally, your website has a physical server that has the power to give a detailed account of every page request made. The data obtained are called the byproduct of the operating process of the server. This byproduct is the one which you will store and transfer to analytic users to know the measure of the website traffic.

The user based logs is another way to measure the website traffic. The web server usually drops a small program on one’s computer unit in tracking the data on the numbers of clicks. The measurement is done one the client’s machine and through it, you will be able to get the centered data. However, there are experts on these kinds of systems which advice users or web owners to be very careful in choosing a user based logs. Because they say that some of these logs may be spywares or adware that may trouble the security of one’s or account.

The ASP based logs is kind of separate server which is placed to keep in track the visitors’ surf or use on one’s site. Many prefer to use this kind of measurer of website traffic for it is non-intrusive and it is invisible to the user or the visitor. The logs allow capturing of the relevant data and they also ignore any fills which are considered to be useless for the analysis of the site’s clickstream data.

These logs are indeed useful in tracking the number of visitors in any webpage. But having these means of measuring the browsers of the page require effort and patience from the web hosts. Proper storage and maintenance are also needed to get better data analysis.

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