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Stay away from Black Hat SEO tricks 1

One of the many methods I hear a lot of so call Internet marketing Guru’s say they use to get a lot of visitors to their sites and that has made them money, is by using what is call Black Hat SEO tricks. Black hat SEO, for those who do not know, are those methods used by Internet marketers that are considered unethical. Let me point out that they all may not be illegal, other Internet marketers think of them as cheating the system.

Black Hat SEO techniques may work for some time but in the long run they will become useless. This is because search engines are continually fine tuning their algorithms, which makes ‘quick’ techniques very short lived. What may end up happening is that your websites could be banned from search engines never to return.

The Black hat SEO tricks you should stay away from are:
Keyword Spamming. In SEO keyword is king (or queen) and for your website to get a high ranking in search engines then your website must have a lot of keywords littered through it. With keyword spamming the keywords are hidden in a number of ways like writing them in the same color as the background. Thus the visitor to the site cannot see the hidden keyword but the search engines can pick it up. When this is discovered your site can be banned and blacklisted.

Content Generated Automatically. There are a number of offers online that claim if you sign up they will do all the work for you. What most of them are doing is giving you a lot of websites containing content that is generated automatically. Thus you site’s content will be duplicated on other such sites all over the web.

Duplicated Content. Many persons are by themselves trying to maximise the use of the content they have by creating multiple pages, domains, and sub domains with the same content. This will surely get the sites in trouble with the search engines. If you want to use content on many websites it is better to re-write it or have it re-written for each website you have by someone else and make it unique and new.

This is the end of Part I. In Part II I will continue with other Black Hat SEO tricks to stay away from.

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