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Non-Qualified Employee

So today i was searching for some information on the web on how to process a credit card payment without the need of a third party like (Paypal , 2checkout , Google Checkout ,MoneyBookers , Egold , etc…)

To get that info , i checked some sites that use such service ; Chat with them and try to get the info ;)

in this conversation i’m “Web User” and the bolded are my comments …

You are now chatting with ‘Melissa’

web user : hi

Melissa: Welcome to Deleted for Privacy Live Chat. How may I help you?

web user :: have few questions …do you only accept Google checkout ?

Melissa: One moment please.

web user : k

Melissa: may i ask you what you mean by Google checkout? // WTF ? She don’t even know what payment system they use

web user : ur payment methods … check at the bottom of your site

Melissa: one moment

Melissa: it’s just an option actually for our customer’s with Google accounts

Melissa: but you can actually pay for the order online using your credit card also

Melissa: after setting up an account with us

web user : ok when paying with Amex or visa what is the processing methods ? Does your site process it or there is a third party ?

Melissa: you can pay through the website if you have amex or visa card by clicking on” job management login” and signing in to your account

web user : yes i understand that

web user : my question is … Who process the payment ? is there a third party involved for the security of the transaction ?

Melissa: our site process the payment

Melissa: we have a certification for verisign

web user : i don’t see any verisign logo ,the only certification i see is “Network Solutions”

Melissa: Please hold while I check on that.

Melissa: what website are you on right now? // WUT ?? Are you ok ?? lol She’s Soooo Lost !!

web user : Duh …urs ..

web user : http://*******

web user : are you ok ?

Melissa: i am calling the accounting department right now and will get in touch with you as soon as they gave a final word

Melissa: but rest assured that we are a safe site for payment

Year right , rest assured and she don’t even know her right hand from her left hand


  1. One word, “Scammers!”

  2. It wasn’t Scammers site , i can recognize that ;) … it was a professional site ; The chat system they are using cost more than 2000$/year , it’s just the employee that don’t know anything about the site .

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