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Techniques to be indexed in Search Engines

For several years now, the online marketing rest on writing Search Engine Optimized (SEO) articles to promote products as well as websites. A Search Engine Optimized articles are written with targeted keywords sprinkled at a predetermined frequency through out the article. The total number of keywords in an SEO article is usually 3% of the total word count of the article. This count is usually given the most favor by major search engines.

Recently, however, major search engines such as Google are now using another scheme to index web contents. The newest scheme is called LSI of Latent Semantic Indexing. This is different from the previous SEO scheme in that LSI does not only take into account the keyword repeated through out the article but it take into account similar keyword or key phrase that closely matches the original.

To illustrate differentiate traditional SEO from the new LSI, for example, if you were to write a 500-word article that has a key phrase ”web content writing”, you would want to repeat this key phrase at least 15 times through the entire article. But with LSI, you would not only repeat this key phrase but you would also want to mention similar phrases such as “web content editing” or “web content writing business.” By doing so, you would get better search engine ranking than using only the traditional SEO technique.

If you are into Internet marketing, you should consider using both SEO and LSI techniques to index your web content in Google. No one can really pinpoint the technique used by Google so you better used both to ensure your ranking.

But when you write your web content, you must not only consider SEO and LSI technique. You must consider writing interesting and informative content for your audience above all other consideration.

It doesn’t matter if the Google bot successfully indexed your content and it put on top of searches if your readers find your content dull and useless, they’d still proceed to the next result to get what they want. You still defeat your main aim – hook your reader to your content.

If your articles are interesting enough, other website owners and publishers would want to link your content to their own website. This is yet another great idea to index and to advertise your content.

To wrap things up, if you want your web content to be successfully rank by search engines, you must employ three techniques to achieve this purpose – SEO, LSI, and quality. If you employ these three in your article, you should be on top of search engines soon.

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  1. I never heard of LSI. Thanks for the tips. I’ll try that in some of the articles I write soon.

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