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New Year Resolution 2008

Last year at the same time approximately , i made a post about what i would like to accomplish in 2007 … let’s go back :

Project for 2007

- Finish my Graduate diploma in E-Business . CONVERTED IT TO A MASTER DEGREE so will finish this summer …
- Finish the army courses (BMQ , SQ , PP1) . DONE
- Put More effort on the web . NOT AS I WANTED ..
- Try to find time for GYM and Martial arts training . DIDENT DO ANYTHING

well at least the two basic points were done … or nearly

What about 2008 ?

- I really would like to get the PHP Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE) , will apply for the exam after i get back from travel
- Finish More Army Courses (RECCE , DP2 , 404)
- Launch more sites
- Learn more about affiliate and go deep in it
- Find a Good JOB !! // hire me if u want :p
- Hope to get more time for Martial Arts especially Muay Thai !!

How about my readers ? what kind of things you would like to accomplish or change in 2008 ?


  1. I want to launch my first real successful website. I would also like to increase my overall web earnings.

  2. haha, muay thai is the sh*t, i get way more of a kick from it then any other martial art, the beauty of it is in its visual effectiveness, you can see how much it would truly hurt. Tony Jaa rules, i got ong bak and the protector for noël

  3. How much will you guys get pian in two years.My friend wants to see if you guys will pay more than the U.S.A. army and how has the better training.

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