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Things to Avoid in Web Content Writing

Things to Avoid in Web Content Writing

Are you interested to enter the foray of web content writing? If so, here are some important things that you shouldn’t do:

1.  Do not write in a long-winded, complicated and complex style. It’s OK if you are writing for your personal blog or if you are e-mailing your best friend, but when writing for the web, you have to make it short, straight and clear. The readers won’t give you too much of their time, so make the best out of it.

2. Do not write as if you are talking from your own experience and don’t take writing too personal. Writers usually have favorite phrases and expressions, which they try to include as much as possible. They excuse this habit by claiming that writing is a means of expression. Avoid doing this thing. Write to benefit the reader, not just yourself. Remember that they are impatient people that need to find out something, so give it to them as quickly as possible.

3. Do not overuse and abuse adjectives and adverbs. Simplify things by choosing your words carefully and using verbs that has a punch to it. For example, instead of saying “the boy hit his head very hard on the tree,” you can say “the boy bashed his head on the tree” or “the boy clobbered his head on the tree.” That’s two words less, or 20 percent less text.

4. Do not use long sentences and paragraphs. You don’t just need to keep the entire article short. For web content writing, you need to keep the sentences and paragraphs as short as possible as well.

5. Do not ever mislead the readers. Inform them instead. If the article is about bananas, mention it in the title and make sure the article really talks about it. There’s nothing more irritating than clicking a link and finding out that it talks about something else.

If you are serious about getting deeper into web content writing, you can find more tips on the World Wide Web itself. So surf a bit, observe how others write, and go for it!

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  1. These are some good tips, but it really depends on what type of writing style is needed. Your tips are valid for situations when readers don’t need to relate to the writer, but some bloggers like giving their readers the ability to relate to them, and some readers in turn, like bloggers whom they can relate to. It’s all a matter of perspective, I guess.

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