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Swiss Army Knife Mp3 Player

Swiss Army Knife Mp3 Player

I am beginning to think that people can find a way to incorporate anything into a Swiss army knife. ThinkGeek’s latest innovation is a mp3 player Swiss army knife. Why you would need such a device I don’t know, but I guess it could be useful. The mp3 player, also known as the Swiss Beat MP3, has 1gb of flash-based memory and a built in FM tuner with 15 preset stations. The radio also has recording capability so you can record songs playing on your favorite station. There is also a voice recorder with a built in microphone.

The mp3 player is usb based so there is no software required (plug and play). It does come with a CD though which has some utilities and a quick install guide (it should automatically install on PCs with xp or vista though). The usb connection is also used to charge the device.

The mp3 player supports the common music formats such as mp3, wav, wma, and ogg vorbis formats. The player has a three line LCD, to view your songs. It also has 6 equalizer modes, quality earphones with adjustable neck strap, and a belt clip/armband so that you don’t have to put it in your pocket or carry it. Dimensions are 2.9″ x .8″ x .9″ (that is in inches.)

OK, now lets move on to the description of the tools. The army knife contains a 2 inch blade, scissors, and a nail filer with a nail cleaner.

That’s basically all there is to the knife; it isn’t exactly the biggest Swiss army knife. It costs $149.99 and comes with a lifetime warranty for the tools and a 2 year warranty for the mp3 player. Personally I think the price is too high because the utensil doesn’t have many tools (compared to other Swiss army knives) and the mp3 player is only 1gb.

An ipod shuffle or creative zen might be a better option; you could just buy a separate Swiss army knife and it would probably be cheaper with more tools; but then again you’d have to carry 2 thing then. This one is a toss up, depends on what you like.


  1. Heh, that’s pretty cool. You could always threaten people with “your MP3 player” and have them laugh at you, until you put the blade to them. lol…

  2. lol thats not a knife this is a mp3 player (LOLX100)cool but i dont have a swiss army knife because i am too young lol thats not an mpe player this is an mp3 player!!!p.s ebay

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