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Canadian Forces – Mississippi Camp Shelby – USA TRAINING

It’s official , i will be going to Mississippi USA – Camp Shelby for 10 days training with the Canadian Forces .

Here is a video i found on the Canadian forces website About what we will be doing … i suppose it’s the same as last year (PÈLERIN VALEUREUX 2007)

Our Exercices Name : NOBLE GUERRIER 2008 (i suppose it’s Noble Warrior in English ?)

4 Videos about The MIssissippi Usa – Canadian Army Training

During this exercise i will have the C9 (Canadian version of the M-249 Also Called Mini-mi for Mini Machine Gun)


The C9 is my favorite weapon , because i consider the C7 to be very light and don’t provide firepower and the c6 is very heavy and big to move with …c9 is between those two and having the optical sight make it perfect in shooting !

Within the rifle section, the C9A1 is used to provide covering fire for the manoeuvre of assault troops in the offence and to cover enemy approaches in the defence.

The C9A1 fires 700 rounds per minute and up to 1000 rounds per minute with the adverse setting.

The best thing about the C9 is that it is light . This makes it an ideal weapon to provide extra firepower to light infantry units.

This will be good for me to take another break from the Internet and do some sports … of course i will blog about my adventure when i come back .


  1. when are you going?

  2. I canceled my trip for personal issues , and they already came back …

    leaving Canada now to visit few countries … will be back in few months

  3. I want to join the army.

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