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Build a search engine friendly site Part I

When you run a small business chances are your Internet marketing budget is not going to be substantial. That is why search engines are very important to your website and your business’ success.

Once your website has been listed with a high search engine ranking then it is more than likely to be found by your potential customers and clients. Some Internet data reveal that people who are searching are more likely to click organic results than the paid results. This means that the higher your website’s ranking then the bigger its visibility which in turn translates into bigger earnings for you.

Search engines work by using what are called crawlers or spiders that will go through the Internet and then come up with all the pages it can find based on the search being done. Because of this whenever a search is done there is likely to be a return of millions of pages matching the search term. Search engines do their best to bring up pages that are relevant.

To get your webpage to be chosen as a highly relevant page by search engines there are a few basic things you can do to enable this.

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to index your website because once it is uploaded it will be found by the spiders. You can still alert search engines to your urls existence, it surely won’t hurt.

One of the first things you will need to be aware of is that with search engines the graphics on your website does not matter. Graphics may make your website look good but for search engines it is the text on the site that is important. Search engines index the text not the graphics.

You should also note that as far as your pages are concerned, the text at or near the top of the page is valued much more than that at the bottom of the page. Therefore your page title and the texts first line are extremely important.

In part two I will continue with more on page titles, simplicity of your site, site map and few other things you need to know.  

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