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Getting to the Top of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) covers the different ways and methods websites use to be recognized when one searches something on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. SEO is an important tool for websites because it decides not only their popularity, but also their importance across the web.

Websites use SEO to market their page. Whether they sell products or merely offer information, websites carry the need to be known on the Internet. The number of visits a website acquires determines its position after a search on Google, so the greater number of visits means a higher ranking on the search results.

Getting on top of Google or Yahoo search is the biggest achievement a website can get, thus here are some useful tips when you want to bring your website to the top of search results:

1. Use the appropriate keywords for your site. Placing the proper keywords on the meta tags will help you avoid making your site spammy. This helps crawlers scour and index your website, and make it one of the most relevant pages to visit after a certain search. Always remember that spammy sites get lower rankings in search results.

2. Update your site regularly. Routine maintenance retains your website’s freshness, thus it entices more visits from searchers.

3. Keep a moderate keyword density. SEO not only depends on the number of keywords you attach, but as well relies on other factors, such as your site’s SEO structure, and the methods you use in promoting your site. Using keywords too much may result to penalties or even a ban on your site.

4. Build appropriate links to your site. Just like making friends, getting links to your site increases your rankings because those who visit other sites may go see yours too once you are linked to them.

5. You may also help increase your site by joining forums and social networks with your site’s link attached as a signature. However, keep this to a minimum because abusive promotion results to ‘whoring’ may lead to bans and penalties for your site as well.

Most of all, keep in mind the SEO ethics you should practice to keep your site clean and friendly to search engines. A good SEO structure and proper traffic generation always results to satisfactory search results and of course, top page rankings.

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