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Read the License Agreement !!

I recently took a course about web laws and as i mentioned before it was a boring class … not really the type of classes i like to attend but since it’s obligatory in my Master Program … i had to take it .

One point that came a lot in this course is that users never read the license agreement , privacy and Term of usage …

So yesterday i was installing a software called “Graboid” and i finally decided to read the License agreement .

Permission from You for Graboid Software to Deliver Advertising and Use Your Computer and Bandwidth to Provide Content to You and other users of Graboid Software and to Manage the Network of Computers Running Graboid Software

Just reading this sentence i decided to not install it anymore … more ?

2.1.2. The Graboid Software will utilize the processor, bandwidth and hard drive (or other memory or storage hardware) and/or cache of your computer (or other applicable device) [...]

2.1.3. The Graboid Software will take organizational and technical measures intended to protect the privacy and integrity of the computer resources (or other applicable device) you are utilizing, however, you acknowledge and agree that this is not a representation or warranty of Graboid.

This is a joke in the legal system , where they mention that they will try to protect but it’s not a warranty :)

4.1.3. When installed on your computer, the Graboid Software may periodically communicate with Graboid servers and/or Graboid Software installed by other users.

In other term , users have access to your computer and your data on it .

If you go and read most of the license agreement , I’m sure you wont install most of them !

In that case Graboid is using other computers & resources to make money , since it’s also a paid service (All depend on how many GB You download by month)

What do you think about this ? have you ever read the license agreement ??

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  1. so what u are saying that it is more of a p2p sharing? so if u download a video it is taking it from another persons computer right? its not doing any harm. and if u move the file to another directory then it can’t share it. if im wrong plz email me and let me know.

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