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Final Destination

It Might be said :

Final Destination is a horror film directed by James Wong, released in 2000. It was successful and lead to two sequels so far. The films are distributed by New Line Cinema. The main idea of the movies is that the protagonist somehow sees the future and in it everyone around him or her dies.

He/she also sees a certain pattern to it . Many characters die throughout the movies, many in very unusual ways. There is often a lot of gore and blood involved, which is why the movies are rated R.

In the United States the rating was a 15; in Ireland it was particularly high with a rating of 18. The DVD’s have alternate endings and the Final Destination 3 DVD even has an option where viewers can pick what happens next. On November 19th, 2007 David R Ellis confirmed that Final Destination 4 is in the works. Fans around the world are excited to see more of these gruesome deaths and a thriller plot.

The 4th movie is also being considered for 3d production, but that is not certain yet. It is something to look forward too because just like the other movies it will probably be great for horror film fans.

The movies always follow the protagonist and have a theme based around one incident at the beginning of the movie when the main character began to foresee the future. In the first movie it was around a plane crashing, the second was a horrible car pileup, and the third around a rollercoaster disaster.

It is not known what the fourth will be based on. The other characters always doubt the main character at first and sometimes even mock him/her but as the deaths begin they start to realize he/she is right (sometimes even thinking that they are cursed). The plot is pretty similar in the three movies so far.

These weird deaths just keep happening until everyone dies. The protagonist usually has a couple of victories, but in the end it is not enough.

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