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Internet Email Marketing Basics

Internet Email Marketing Basics

One of the main tools used by most Internet marketers is electronic mail a.k.a. email. Almost everyone who uses the Internet has an email address and this in the marketers’ eye, translates into another simple way to reach millions of potential customers. Here are some things about email marketing you should consider.

Make sure your email links to your domain

There are many portals that offer email services out there, you can sign up online using one of the more popular ones such as Gmail , Hotmail, Excite and Yahoo.

Your Internet Service Provider may also offer you an email account. These kinds of email accounts will not suffice for Internet marketing purposes. Your ISP’s name is visible when you use these services and they also lack certain features.

It is far better to use an email program that is a standalone program and that allows you to organise the email you receive. having the email go to your own domain is another good feature, as it gives you the ability to have multiple category contacts.
So if you have a domain named “internetmktng.com” then your email address can be configured to support@internetmktng.com or tech@internetmktng.com .

Subject line of your email

The subject you use should convey a kind of summary of the message in the email and preferably be short. This way you will have the opportunity to grab and hold the customers attention. This will then encourage them to read the message.

Email format

This is still open for debate as there are those who believe that HTML is the better format for emails whilst others believe that it is text. When it comes on to this I believe that it is a matter of preference.

Keep in mind however that some of your readers may not be able to view your email if it is in HTML.

What you can do is to have two versions of the email done and give your readers the option of choosing one.

Length of the email

Do not make your email too long. It is human nature not to read beyond a few paragraphs, so keep it as short as you can.

If what you want to say cannot be shortened because the information is vast, then split up the email into two or three emails and send them over a few days.

Putting links in an email

This is how you get the customer to your website so you should always include a link to your website in the email.

If you are serious then your email messages must convey a level of professionalism. Keep these points in mind when using email in your Internet marketing.  

Feel Free to add more suggestions on Internet Email Marketing ;)


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