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Iowa Debate

As the first caucus and the early primaries loom closer, Iowa looks like it will sport quite a battle.

Today, Fred Thompson announced that he is basically giving up on New Hampshire and will instead spend the rest of the time up until the caucus in Iowa.

Part of the reasoning behind this was because New Hampshire lost a lot of its delegates due to moving its primaries up (Iowa doesn’t face such a penalty since it isn’t a primary). With Mitt Romney, current front leader of Iowa Mike Huckabee, and Thompson all putting their maximum efforts in Iowa, it will certainly be interesting to see how things pan out.

During the Iowa Debate today most of the candidates were there, including Alan Keyes (who has not been to any of the other major debates).

The talk focused mainly on the economy and education. The big showdown anticipated between Huckabee and Romney didn’t really take place, although the topic of Huckabee questioning whether the Mormons believe that the Devil and God are brothers did (Romney is Mormon).

The topic of Guiliani’s security finances while he was mayor of New York also came up once more. On the whole, it was a fairly quite day (especially compared to the Youtube CNN debate a few weeks earlier); part of that is because the format of this Iowa Debate was less confrontational and the hot topic in Iowa, immigration, was taken off the table.

Immigration is a big issue, especially with Romney’s latest advertisement campaign which criticizes Huckabee on the topic.

Huckabee was expected to get some disapproval though, due to his new status as forerunner in Iowa. Another hot issue in Iowa is trade due to the high number of exporters in the state.

The candidates did address it, with McCain saying that he would support exporters and their products worldwide, but he would cut down ethanol subsidies (this put off a lot of the farming population in Iowa). Tomorrow is the Democrats turn in the last major debate before the caucus; most major candidates should be present (Dennis Kucinich will not be there though).

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