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Polaroid t737

The Polaroid t737 is creating quite some commotion because it is a 7 megapixel compact digital camera which isn’t too expensive (comparing it to other digital cameras). It goes for around $130, but some places have offered it for even lower, the lowest I have seen being $79.99 (on Woot!).

The 7 megapixel camera can take images of equal quality to 35mm film so that image quality won’t decrease up to an 11×14 picture. That is quite a bargain for this amazing camera which sports a 3 inch bright color TFT LCD view screen and an optical zoom of 3x.

It has a maximum digital zoom of 4x. There are two video options (in frame video mode): an AVI capture mode which films at a VGA resolution of 640×480 at 30fps and a 320×240 resolution at 30fps. It also features image stabilization which reduces the likelihood of a blurry picture including those caused by shaking.

The Polaroid t737 also has many built in special effects involving different colors and modes. The camera also includes panoramic stitching, and an electronic self-timer. It is also PictBridge capable and has SD card support in addition to the 16mb of internal memory.

Like many other digital cameras (and other electronics),the Polaroid t737 runs on a lithium-ion battery. It is also very stylish for those who care about how the camera looks. The camera’s body is black with a red diamond pattern on the front.

Reviews from various sources seem to be very good for the most part (all of the places I saw were at least 4 stars out of 5).

Some may be wary of buying Polaroid since it is made in China, but the reviews speak otherwise. It looks like Polaroid really did it correctly this time and so far it looks like it will be a big hit with shoppers.

We won’t know the numbers until later this month, but speculation is definitely pointing in the positive direction for Polaroid. They certainly hope this will boost their hold on the market share, as companies like Canon and Olympus have bigger stakes of it right now.

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  1. Bought it off of Woot too didn’t ya. Not a bad camera, wouldn’t trade a Canon for it though.

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