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2 years of Blogging

It’s a Happy birthday for my blog !!

My baby blog is 2 years old , even if i have been online since 2000 …

A lot of events occurred during those 2 years and i learned a lot , to make this post useful for the readers i will post what really helped me to survive .

First of All during those 2 years the Best Google Page Rank that i got was a PR 6 , This was of course before Google introduce the nofollow tag .

I used to give a lot of technical supports in wordpress.org and they had a PR 9 and my blog was linked there which got me an easy PR 6 in no Time .

I also spammed Wikipedia :p (Who doesn’t ?)

Then with time after the nofollow tag .. i got a PR 5 then recently a PR4 … Google making it harder ; But anyway Page Rank is not important , except if you are selling links on your blog for people who care about it …

About the Visitors …

For my First year of Blogging i got 150 000 visitors and this year i got nearly 300 000 visitors which is not bad for a simple blog and i know it’s not a lot , sometime i get that kind of traffic per month for some sites …

What really helped me getting that traffic

Well i would say it was the wordpress plugins i made , i made 3 plugins .


1 – BibTex Plugin
2 – Random Motivational Quote (Admin Panel)
3 – Google Page Rank

The one that got me the best ROI was the Google Page Rank , this plug in allow user to add an image which will show the page rank of a website , i got more than 1000+ installs and each install is a back link for this site .

Future of Blogging

Well for the next year I’ll work on getting more traffic , aiming 500 000 users , and will write much more articles .

I recently hired a writer that will write some articles for my blog since I’m very busy with School & Army & Work …

if you have any questions or any requests feel free to post them .


  1. Congratulations on your 2 year blogging aniversary. I haven’t been blogging near as long, but I hope to at least make it to this post someday. I’ll check out some of you plugins, too. They look pretty useful.

  2. congratulation on your second anniversary of blogging. i am new here in this area but i feel very excited to have discover and enjoy it. thru blog we can simply expressed ousrselves without any boundaries.

  3. Congrat Mr. Chaaban for the last 2 years and good luck for your aim to get 500K uniques next year !

  4. Thanks Vincent :)

    it was good to have a friend like you during our boring MSC :P

    Good luck with your future Web Projects ;)

  5. All my Congratulations ; PR 6 and 300 000 visitors that’s really Good
    I wish that you continue to write a Good topics & Good luck to get 500 000 visitors and why Not 1.000.000
    best regards

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