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Hey chaaban,

I had one question to ask you…if you don’t mind?
When you did your medical exam, what type of eye exam did they make you pass?
Reason why I’m asking is cause I am color blind.



Short Answer :

Hello Dino ,

Regarding your question i don’t remember exactly what type of eye exam i did ..

Colour blindness may exclude you from certain trades. It depends on the extend of your colour deficiency. You’ll find out which trades are available when you go do your recruiting medical.

here is more info about color blind for Canadian Army :

Answer :

Colour vision measurement refers to the eye in its normal state and not to measurement through coloured contact lenses designed to “correct” colour vision defects. The instructions for the testing of colour vision are shown at Annex B CFP-154. Three grades of colour vision are recognized: CV1, CV2 and CV3.

Extracted from Annex B, CFP-154:

1. The most common form of colour deficiency (blindness) is a recessive sex-linked hereditary defect which normally affects only males. About 8-10% of males and 0.4-0.8% of females are colour deficient.

2. The three (3) possible grades of colour vision are:

a. CV1 – Colour Vision Normal
b. CV2 – Colour Vision Safe; and
c. CV3 – Colour Vision Unsafe.

3. Initially, recruits and serving members will be tested using the Ishihara pseudoisochromatic plates in accordance with the plate instructions. Those who fail this colour plate test will be tested with the Farnsworth Panel D-15 test. Both of these tests are available at CF Recruiting Centres (CFRC). If any problem in interpretation of the CV grading occurs, consultation with the Department of Ophthalmology at National Defence Medical Centre (NDMC) is recommended.

4. Assessment of colour vision by either the Holmes-Wright or Farnsworth Colour perception lanterns will only be conducted at NDMC and/or the Defence and Civil Institute of Environment Medicine (DCIEM) for selected MOCs. The colour lanterns are no longer used as secondary tests for those who fail the Ishihara colour plates, except for aircrew applicants.

Here is some Youtube video if you have some free Time …


  1. If we smoke weed,can we join the canadian forces?

  2. When you go to sign up, they give you a form where you have to declare what illegal substances you’ve used, how many times (approximately) you used them, and when you used them last. Using drugs doesn’t automatically disqualify you. I smoked weed a handful of times when I was a teenager, and when I enlisted I was honest on the form.
    So Mathieu, as long as your usage is in the past and not ongoing, it shouldn’t be a problem.

  3. I was wondering about the standards on bone breaks i broke my ankle 2 years ago and got a sugery that left me with 2 plates n 9 pins . .but i still play hokcey n rugby n it doesnt effect me is there a policy about not getting into the army due to bone breaks?

  4. hey was wondering if it matters that i was on brain seizure medication in the past for head injurie from snowboarding, would this matter if im to join the canadian forces. Please reply i plan on joining i will be 17 in about 10months

  5. If a doctor says that I’m depressed will it mean I cannot enter the forces?

  6. hello. i just got in to the canadian reserves, applying for at first Infentry than armourd. i did not make those professions, because of my eye sight. they moved me to vehicle mechanic. does any one know the Eye requirments for the courses i applied for? my eye sight is 20(left)/40(Right. and if a vehicle mechanic could maybe tell me some good feedback..? it seems like the worst class, after BMQ its just working with trucks..

  7. Well,dan,if your eyes are REALLY not accepted for the jobs,you can just do a laser surgery….im not sure if the army pays for that,you can just ask to your recruiting center….basically,the worst your vision is,the easiest is for the eye laser operation…its just more accurate and it can fix some more vision problems…just pass the medical test,at your recruiting center,then if you see you failed the test,then ask for a laser operation….(im not sure if they really pay for that…,just ask)

  8. Hello, there is a very slight varicosity in my left leg, which does not influent on my ordinary life at all. Can I join the Canadian Forces?

  9. Will i be denied entry into the army (specifically field medic) having usefull vison in only 1 eye? Very good vision, but field of view reduced by about 1/3.

  10. I have been taking xanax for 6 years for sleep purposes only. I have my medical and interview coming up and im wondering if this will medication will mean rejection.I am going to see a chinese herbalist today and get something herbal to replace the xanax. If i tell them im not on it anymore can i still get in?

  11. Hey what are the medical standards on needing an epipen if you have one type of food allergy, will they let you in if you applied for cook?

  12. can u please take my comment off this site asap?

  13. Is post-nasal drip a big deal? will it affect my chances of getting in?

  14. Hello, There as certain medical specifications regarding the enlistment of a civilian in the Canadian forces, To sum up all questions/comments posted , The Canadian Forces wants to know all past and present medical problems, from breaking a bone to a very intense disorder, If suffered past depression the Medical Personnel want a follow up from a doctor(Standard Procedure for liability reasons), if any mental illness’ this will be required. Vision is another necessity, if past vision problems , they want to know, if suffering from any joint pains, back pains, stomach pains, etc… notify the Personnel looking after you at the time. If you lie during any period of your testing process your application/file can be ripped up and you will be dismissed from any further enrolment. To any one who smokes, drinks or does any form of illegal substance, be honest and truthful, also if you are a drug user, there can be a “Random” drug test at any point in time, during your employment in the Canadian Forces, if one chooses to refuse this test, they can be kicked out of the Canadian Forces, or if tests positive to drug use, it can Jeopordize their career. Problems Like Brain seizures, heart complications, mental illness, and some severe asthma complications can ultimately exclude you from joing the Canadian Forces.

    Again All problems that have happened such as a Broken bone with plates in place now or any other similar problems, or a problem that required a surgical procedure to correct, will require a follow up paper from your surgeon, family doctor, or other physician, stating that the problem no longer effects you and it should not effect your activitys in the Canadian forces, Seeing as you will sometimes work in areas where there are limited to no medical stations.

    I Hope this Information has helped you in your Pending or future application process.

    Thank you.

  15. WOE! Slow down. IF you have any medical deformity regardless of size or life style impact, why even think about the Canadian FORCES.

    My experience is as such, In 1980 I held a valid Ministry Of Transportation Medical Examination for the Three consecutive years prior to being recruited and I passed every medical examination to the age of 23 when out of the blue and after I had signed and taken Oath and had passed the medical examination but not as I found out the “Medical Category Assignment ” that discriminates against anyone with a birth defect regardless of how insignificant.

    My experience in 1980 showed me that the medical doctors are really in control of your career goals and if you slight a military medical assistant they can mitigate unnerving damage to your reputation and they can assign you to menial labour if you do not follow thier exact orders for surgery. Even though the surgery would not benefit your health. They need to by operate on you before you finish basic training. WHY? To be sure then that you well not use surgery as an excuse to get out of a tight military operation of questionable Merit

    Yeah they are paranoid. So if you think that you still want to enlist then let me say this, I suffered a collapsed lung and calcification of the pericardium (Blood filled my heart sack. and the bone crunching techniques they used left my chest in one terrible mess. So much so that when I did start Basic training I found my self paralyzed after a regearous exercise and was transported to the Medical emergency room. The Sergent there critiqued me as a whimp and told me “Get out of the FORCES and when you are ready to serve then you can come back.” You see they consider my medical as a pre existing condition and therefore out of the goodness of their heart they performed unnecessary surgery to add to their time in the theater of surgical experience it is a training hospital after all.

    Suffice it to say 28 years later my lung is filled with fluid and my heart beats against a calcified heat sac. Today I cannot sleep on my right side. My legs fall asleep. And every morning I wake from a troubled nights rest only to waste away most of the morning trying to illimnate but in agonies

    If you still want to meet the requirements to enroll go ahead but be fore warned what happened to me could happen to you.

  16. hi ..i just wanted to know what kind of medical test im i getin ??
    blood test ??urine ???hair ??

  17. so i called the canadian forces to talk to a person about my use of marijuana i dont think i abuse it first off i use it as medication as i have a bit of an eating disorder not that i starve my self or n e thing but just that i dont have an appetite until i use marijuana so i told this girl who answered the phone and she right away told me not to even bother joining they will turn me down in a blink of an eye and i told her that i would stop the use of it prior to applying (about 3 mths b for i go to the requiting center ) and she said it didnt matter now i really want to serve for canada but i guess this is stopping me dead in my tracks , any way around this? like if i come up front and tell them i used marijuana on a daily basis untill 3 mths prior to getting my medical done and sware not to use it again do you think they will over look it ? cuz they do random tests and i dont care if they watched me for the first year and tested me every mth to prove them im not using it . plz help

  18. Hello,

    I am currently in a job that drives me up the wall, and I am looking for an alternitive career. It is true that I have not been clean for the better part of my teenage years and I would like to get some solid information on the drug testing and/or the questionare that I would have to take part in prior to inrollment. I would also like to know if I need to make sure that all THC is out of my system before taking part in these test.

    Thank you for your time and information as I am sure it will prove useful in the future.

  19. Hi. I want to join Canadian force. Do you know what is eyesight requirement for applying very basic starter? I wear contacts. My right eye is -5.25 and left eye is -5.75. PLease tell me thanks~

  20. i was wondering about the medical exam when we go for our aptitude test they do a medical does that mean we are going to have to give a urine sample ?

  21. I applied for the reserves a few years back and was denied by the RMO (Recruiting Medical Officer) due to medical reasons, first my mild shellfish allergy which now mostly subsided and can eat the cheap shellfish like oysters, clams and mussells and another gentic condition called Neurofybromatosis which has NOT affected any aspect in my life. Now just the other day i was on the Navy Website for the HMCS Halifax and in the departments section for Food servies it mentions that they cater to every individual need like food allergies. I am currently reapplying and if the RMO has anything else to say about my food allergies do you think i can contest it like showing them the actual page on their website and also talking with a Member or Parliament and a Member of Provincial Parliament. It seems to me like they’re talking out of both sides of their mouths.

  22. hello i just got denied about 2 -3 months ago i was honest on all forms all tho i think it was supper unfair how they put things in there that haven’t bugged me since i was little such as 10 years old but ether way they put those things in and i accept that they said that i couldn’t get in no matter what i did so i was wondering was it my honesty that i did drugs like 5-7 times my hole life or could it be that i tryed to kill myself about a year and a half ago would that there put me out of the running for my hole life they also said that because im dyslexic and have Asama all tho it hasn’t bugged me for years and i work out every other day hasn’t bugged me since i was wondering if there is even a chance i can get in? and i have gotten jaw surgery and i was wondering if i need a paper saying that that wont affect me?

  23. Hello, I am planning on going to sign up for the Canadian army reserves and have resently smoked maijuana. how much will this effect there choice in hiring me, this is probably my 3rd time by accident and im extremly worried that this will cause then to reject me?

  24. Hello,

    When I was born I had about 6 small holes in my heart and one larger hole. All the smaller holes healed but the larger hole had to be fixed with surgery. Before I had the surgery, I lived like any other 14 year old and I played many sports. Even a couple days after the surgery I was snowboarding. So with my larger hole fixed, I still lived my life as if there was no holes at all and I still do! I asked my mother and my doctor and they say I have no restrictions.

    So, I was wonder would they deny me enrollment into to Canadian Forces?

  25. Hi, I am a very health person – never drink, never smoke. However, recently, for some reason, my medical doctor found out that I recently had Hepatitis-A Virus (HAV). He said that I am perfectly healthy, it’s just that I am now a HAV carrier. He said that I won’t contaminate even my wife. It’s just that I am a carrier. I may have got it from Sea foods / raw meat when I went to Asia, he said. He asked me to maintain what I am doing and just keep the healthy lifestyle.

    I even researched it over the internet and it even says that it’s a common virus world wide and even infected US and Canadian Forces (CF). I even saw that CF has actually included a vaccine for HAV to its members. But how about those who were already infected inside the CF and those like me who are willing to join yet?

    I just would like to know, what is the CF’s medical stand point on HAV? Will this disqualify me immediately? I am planning to join the CF in a year or two from now but was so devastated with my recent medical results. I need an answer – a confirmed answer regarding my case. Can anyone tell me?

    Thanks for your time.

  26. Hi i’m planning on being a medical technician in the cf and I have very, very mild colour blidness. Will I still be able to apply?

  27. can you join the cf if you suffer from ulcerative colitis? i really want to join the infantry, but i feel that this disease will hold me back. (almost any other job in the military will do if i cant join infantry)

  28. Hi there, I’ve been waiting almost a year now to find out the decision on my application regarding my medical, everything else went smoothly. During this waiting period, the occupation in CF I was applying for closed therefore having to re-submit another application in Jan/11. I was 100% honest on my application including any medical conditions that I may have had since childhood and unfortunately came back to haunt me. As a child I had multiple surgeries on my ear and had the final one which was skin graphing to repair any damage at age 16. I have not had any issues or been treated for any conditions since in over 20 years with the exception of a mild infection or earache due to cold or flu. I also had been diagnosed over 17 years ago with mild asthma and had never been treated for it even though I have hung on through the years to a prescription for inhalers which are not used but renewed for if ever needed recommended by the Doc I had seen at that time. I exercise regularly without the help of the inhalers, have no balance or pressure issues with my ears and very little hearing loss in one. I could not find any medical documentation for the Medical Office in 17 years for they destroy everything in clinics/hospitals/Dr’s Office over 10 years to back up what I had written in my app. It was just my honesty written on paper on my application. I recently receive an “UNFIT” letter from the Recruiting Medical Office stating “You do not meet the common enrolment medical standard required by both the Regular and Reserve Forces based on the information provided. According to the local Med Tech., if I could see a Doctor and get a Pulmonary Testing done to show I do not have asthma that may help, but the ear issue will not change. Therefore my chances are slim and I’ll probably still be denied. Where do I go from here? My occupation I’m applying for is “Clerk”, not Search and Rescue, I’m not jumping out of planes and needing an “Air Crew” medical standard. Could it be because I’m a woman in my 30′s? Anyone have any suggestions? I’m not one to back down, I’m a determined person who fights for what I believe in and I’m not giving up. Please help if you can and I thank you for your time.

  29. Hello all
    Found this website when researching eyesight standards for Canadian forces. Our son recently applied to the CF Reserve and he told his mother he wasn’t accepted because of his eyesight. He currently wears corrective lenses and we have offered to have them upgraded, however he informed us that the new standards for recruits into the infantry is perfect 20/20 vision… I.e. He is not allowed ANY type of corrective lenses in the infantry…. Can anyone confirm or deny this?


  30. I am wanting to apply to RMC next year. Does flat footedness affect my chances of getting into the military?

  31. I have taken the apptitude test once already(fail) but now I get one more shot but I have to learn this math ive never heard of. But I also got a problem, im deaf in my left ear. Now the gentelment at the base say it’s no problem, the recruters dont know about this and I asked a medical officer over the phone and the anserw I got was pretty much “the fuck if I know” so yeah.

  32. Hi I have a medical condition called nerofibermatosis basically is little “toumors” that are non cancerous most patients have about 30-40 of them I have 4 the condition can be serious and even deadly but I’ve had the conniption since birth and I’m now 17 and it has not developed/ worsened my medical papers were denied because of this but they don’t rilize that I don’t have it seriously and I can tell anyone because it goes to a medical bored in otwawa and they decide so I had my doctor right me a letter saying that my condition wasn’t bad (somewhat he’s not very descriptive in it) do you think they will accept me? I have met people in the CF with medical alert bracelets and so I was wondering what my chances are of getting in please respond I’m desprit

  33. Just wondering if you havent smoked weed in about a month or month and 1/2 and you take your drug test will it show and if it does will they care>?…. Because all in all when you drink it kills your brain cells marijuana doesn’t it just stops them from growing (temporarily) and I usually never smoke weed. Alcohol is clearly worse, and everyone drinks and smokes weed once in awhile..well drink.

  34. i was wondering can you enlist into thhe army if u dont yet have your citizenship but u have ur PR?

  35. So… Does anyone know if a person with dwarfish can join… I’m seriously doubting it but any clarification would be greatly appreciated

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