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how to hack into hotmail password

I was browsing digitalpoint forum and saw this thread someone was asking ” how to hack into hotmail password

Hi guys,

just wondering how can i hack into Hotmail account?

Most guys jumped on him and started harassing him … his intentions were good and he only wanted to get
his hotmail account that was hacked .

i went on google and searched for ” how to hack into hotmail password ” and i went to the first result

Hotmail hack that actually work

while reading their methods i directly saw that they were hacking into other poor users accounts

Attention : The following is fake do not follow what it says .

here is what they say :

Posted by Kristoffersen on January 06, 2002 at 11:04:01:

DISCLAMER: I do NOT take any responsibility for the content of this page. If you read this page with it’s methods of fetching hotmail or yahoo passwords you have agreed to take your own responsibility for any actions you may make. **Please note! Do not hack my account..

(we all do a little hacking:-)) Follow four easy steps below to learn how to hack into Hotmal:

STEP 1- The first step in the process of hacking in to someone’s hotmail account is quite easy. You simply log into your own Hotmail account. Important Note : Your account should have been atleast 30 minutes old for this to work!!

STEP 2- Once you have logged into your own account, compose/write an e-mail to removed@domain. This is the secret mailing address to the Hotmail Staff!! The automated server will (after recieving the information you will send them) will send you the password that you have ‘forgotten’

STEP 3- · In the subject line write “retrieve passwd” (CASE INTESIVE) and in the body of the e-mail write this exact code filling in your hotmail password and login, and the victim(whose password u want) of hacking’s login name. · its better to cut and paste the following two lines. The code is as follows:

**Please note! Do NOT Enter the victims email-address, just the login name** For example if I’d like to get my friends hotmail password (removed@domain…com) to my email (removed@dom…) (let’s say my password is “mypass”) I would write like this:

form_pwd: login=name sendto=name+mypass

This will fool the Hotmail or Yahoo or Gmail or AOL systems into thinking that you are a Administration staff and send u the password!!

STEP 4- All you have to do is wait for the hotmail staff to send you a mail containing the password! It normally takes 48hrs. Note that if the victim has accounts both in hotmail and yahoo then u will get both the passwords in two different mails.

This is a total BS , The only thing you will be doing by following those steps is to send your password to the stupid hacker.

i just quotes 2 things :

write this exact code filling in your hotmail password and login

he’s telling you to send him your password to the fake email he made …

This will fool the Hotmail or Yahoo system

Yeah i forgot Hotmail and Yahoo systems are made by little kids and can be fooled easily …

This could also apply to the following :

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  1. hi. please someone had hacked my e-mail and had used it in wrong ways so please i want someone to help me brig it back or hack it so i could bring it again. please someone help because it have important things.

  2. need help to get by financee password..i think he’s cheating up on me…plssss help meee

  3. Hello Please i want one password of an hotmail account i will pay $50 to you

  4. i need to find a hotmail password please email me

  5. need to hack into someone’s email. can u help. serious request.

  6. okay heres the thing my ex boyfriend hacked into my msn and face book and has changed thing on my facebook to ruin my life its horrible i’m a pretty girl i syhould not have this done to me its rude and uncalled for its also very hurtful i dunno what to do and he wont give them back and now i have to contacts from my cheerleading camp friends *please help*

  7. I need to get the password for my other hotmail account. My ex-girlfriend went into it and changed it and also reset the question! Although i have a new account all my emails and work stuff goes to that one. is there anyway i can get the password??

  8. I don´t feel the need to hack anyone´s account but I do want to know if it´s possible. My ex-boyfriend told me that he hacked my hotmailaccount. He said it was so easy since there are many hackingprograms on the net and that you can hack someone´s password withing 5 minutes. He was able to tell me my password which was a very unique password and he could never have guessed it and he also isn´t a computerwizz. I once did not log out properly from his computer. Is that maybe how he could get to my password?? How can I protect myself in the future?

  9. hey, im nt going to give you a sob story. im horrible with computers but i need to get someone elses password for my own personal reasons


    Besides the fact that this is not telling you how to hack people, but how TO get hacked by people (which is actually incorrect, scammed would be a better word…), you just shouldn’t.

    So dont…


  11. no wonder why “i have no friends” has no friends

  12. Hi i hav forgot my hotmail password…can anyone help how to get my password…even i forgot the security answer…please help me…

  13. I gave my external hard drive to a coleague cos he claimed he need to give me a file to work on(Official). I found out he had copied my confidential files frm the hard drive. He is not meant to have access to those files and there is no way i can get close to his computer to know which of my documents he has.

    What can i do to find out which of my documents he has. I dont have access to his sys cos we r not in the same dept.

    Urgent pls. b4 he use d infos on my hard drive negatively.

  14. Hey Chaaban, thing is i got my msn messenger hacked.. but there’s more 2 it!! Unfortunately i was using my gmail address as the msn messenger login mail. Besides, both accounts had the same passwords… I changed all passwords as soon as i noticed someone was secretly spying on me. Must be someone that really knows me and resents me ’cause his/her only objetctive was to get me into a fight with my girl, sending my conversations with others to her through my gmail account….!!

    Is there any possible way I could get to know who this mf was?????? Could the same shit happen once again, even with my passwords changed????????

    Thnx 4 ur time!!! ….Hope you can help me!

  15. Hi, I am hundred percent sure my partner is cheating on me, and I would like to get into his email to check out the detail, please help me. You can contact me at my email address.
    From: CH

  16. somebody hacked my e-mail

  17. i need a help to get mine pass back some one hack it up

  18. Heh. I nearly “LoL” once I read all these girls on here claiming to want to hack their boyfriends.. or fiance’s.. email account because he is cheating. One of you even said you’re a 100% sure, so why do you need to hack into his account for any more confirmation? If there is any suspicion whatsoever, just leave you dumbass. There are a lot of sob stories these people are offering you dude – how low will people go these days.

  19. hello everyone,

    My girl is cheating on me. I know it because I had her hotmail pasword but she changed it. There is one guy she has been meeting with for the past three months while I leave for work related trips and another guy who she has been corresponding with. We need to break up, but I want proof of what she has been doing, mainly for family reasons. We have been together for 6 years, and just recently leased a very expensive place. When I present the evidence to her family, (who I still want to be friends with) it will make them understand why I will need to break the contracts and everything we have established together over the years. Like a good idiot, when I hade her password, I was always too chicken to have her emails forwarded to me, for fear of getting caught, or printing them out.
    Can anyone help me?

  20. i sersly tink this is a scam
    pples not waste ur time just pretnd ur the victims bf they fall for it and somehoiw you get a gud idea to share each others password she give u it u make urs up and bang there u have it


  22. please i need one to help me how can i hack hot mail password

  23. I forgot my password. . I was mad at someone that knew my password and reset it. Appearently I shouldnt change things when Im upset. Please help?

  24. my lost password

  25. Could you get me a password for onet.pl email address”"”

  26. I will close comments on this post , since most of you dont even read and jump asking question .

    the post is about how to not get hacked and what i received is :

    Hello , can you help me hack someone else passwords ?

    my gf is cheating on me , i need to hack her password

    and some hackers offering their services :

    We Hack Crack Hotmail, Gmail, AOL and Yahoo Passwords!

    Guys !! at least make the effort and read what this post is about !