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how to hack into hotmail password

I was browsing digitalpoint forum and saw this thread someone was asking ” how to hack into hotmail password

Hi guys,

just wondering how can i hack into Hotmail account?

Most guys jumped on him and started harassing him … his intentions were good and he only wanted to get
his hotmail account that was hacked .

i went on google and searched for ” how to hack into hotmail password ” and i went to the first result

Hotmail hack that actually work

while reading their methods i directly saw that they were hacking into other poor users accounts

Attention : The following is fake do not follow what it says .

here is what they say :

Posted by Kristoffersen on January 06, 2002 at 11:04:01:

DISCLAMER: I do NOT take any responsibility for the content of this page. If you read this page with it’s methods of fetching hotmail or yahoo passwords you have agreed to take your own responsibility for any actions you may make. **Please note! Do not hack my account..

(we all do a little hacking:-)) Follow four easy steps below to learn how to hack into Hotmal:

STEP 1- The first step in the process of hacking in to someone’s hotmail account is quite easy. You simply log into your own Hotmail account. Important Note : Your account should have been atleast 30 minutes old for this to work!!

STEP 2- Once you have logged into your own account, compose/write an e-mail to removed@domain. This is the secret mailing address to the Hotmail Staff!! The automated server will (after recieving the information you will send them) will send you the password that you have ‘forgotten’

STEP 3- · In the subject line write “retrieve passwd” (CASE INTESIVE) and in the body of the e-mail write this exact code filling in your hotmail password and login, and the victim(whose password u want) of hacking’s login name. · its better to cut and paste the following two lines. The code is as follows:

**Please note! Do NOT Enter the victims email-address, just the login name** For example if I’d like to get my friends hotmail password (removed@domain…com) to my email (removed@dom…) (let’s say my password is “mypass”) I would write like this:

form_pwd: login=name sendto=name+mypass

This will fool the Hotmail or Yahoo or Gmail or AOL systems into thinking that you are a Administration staff and send u the password!!

STEP 4- All you have to do is wait for the hotmail staff to send you a mail containing the password! It normally takes 48hrs. Note that if the victim has accounts both in hotmail and yahoo then u will get both the passwords in two different mails.

This is a total BS , The only thing you will be doing by following those steps is to send your password to the stupid hacker.

i just quotes 2 things :

write this exact code filling in your hotmail password and login

he’s telling you to send him your password to the fake email he made …

This will fool the Hotmail or Yahoo system

Yeah i forgot Hotmail and Yahoo systems are made by little kids and can be fooled easily …

This could also apply to the following :

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  1. Also, fool Yahoo AND Hotmail system. I did not they are interconnected and use the same software technology for e-mail.

    Cheap BS. Really. Atleast should not have clubed both yahoo and hotmail. But must have reaped IDs and passwords for both Yahoo and Hotmail users willing to cheat on their friends. Suits them RIGHT.

  2. why would you give them your password? so u can hack them later!

  3. What are you talking about gene ?

    in this post I’m mentioning what other are doing to steal passwords so ppl don’t do it …

  4. Yeah, that’s a lame scam. I wonder how many people have tried it. Maybe, you should put up a poll “How many people were stupid enough to try this?” that would be good for a laugh or two.

  5. i want a software wich hacks da hotmail if any one of u have it plz send 2 me on azooze_arbawigangster@hotmail.com

  6. Rihab this site is not for hacking issues …

  7. Hi
    This tips doesn’t work
    this days most Accounts Hacked are Due To XSS bugs at MSN (you can get more info about XSS at wikipedia) or the attacker send a trojan or keylogger to victim then Boom the Trojan or Keylogger Send all passwords to mail of attacker

  8. BACK UP your email. Simple as that!

  9. i just fell for that. i followed all the steps. whats going to happen now ?

  10. someone will hack your hotmail … i don’t know why people don’t read

    What i mention in my blog is what some people are doing to steal hotmail password of other users …

    change your password before you get hacked .

    they wont know that you changed your password , but do it fast before they receive it and do it for you …

  11. i want a software wich hacks da hotmail if any one of u have it plz send 2 me on DELETED

  12. Sorry prasanna , we dont allow any kind of hacks requests to be made here …



  14. just created the mail for this.. can somone help me hack a mail?.. have tryd everything and its impossible when i cant access the computer for keyloggers etc.. can somone plz help me?.. email me

  15. Guys stop requesting email hack , i wont let anyone here help you hacking emails , hacking sites , hacking whatever :)

    You are just in the wrong place ;)

  16. LOL, chaaban was trying to alert people about people like you who want to hack them. Not help you hack people…LOL

  17. hey chabban ..stop bothering ..guys go ahead how can i hack into others mail…lemme hear it once ..was foolish enough to try that stupid trick and actually got password “hack into my girlz account “but worked only once “..

  18. i would like to know abt the password for deleted@hotmail.com…….guys pls help me out to find the password and mail it to my deleted@yahoo.com

  19. hotmail

  20. my above ID has been hacked. Please recover and inform me at DELETED

  21. hi,ummm i dont know wat i talk to u butt
    i want to hacking program…so can u halp me…?

  22. your all friggen retarded no one is gonna give you an email hacking program..chaaban is just trying to keep us aware of the stupid people out there who think they are hackers by doing stupid stuff like the scam quoted above..-.-. Don’t worry Chaaban, I get what yah trying to do for us ;) :D .

  23. i wanted to hack other hotmail and yahoo password.i hope you will help me in this regard

  24. Thanks “I have no friends” for your post at least you got what i meant , those stupids posting here requesting on how to hack your friend hotmail or those emailing me asking how can i hack my sister email …

    Poor you things , get a life !

  25. want the hotmail password

  26. i want the password 4 hacking on msn accounts

  27. can u help me finding password for DELETED

    My email is DELETED – hotmail.com

  28. hi,
    i have email address which is used by my staff in my 6 different offices.
    if someone change the password and answer of question when we forgot password.
    how can i know the new password.
    even i forgot the answer of that emergency question which was asked when we forgot password.

  29. please tell me way to get my mail back DELETED

  30. basicaly, i want my partners password to be reset.
    id like to see what he is upto on his account.
    i have been advised that he has been going behind my back with another woman. i am heavily pregnant with his baby and we have been together for 5 years but he keeps his passwords secret.
    any help will be very greatful.

  31. hi.i need my accounts back from someones hotmail.will you tell me how to hack there pass.email me.my email is deleted@gmail.com

  32. Do not follow the instructions…when you type ur login + password, you are actually giving your password to the hacker who created a email account like: pass_request/recover…bla bla bla..

    Don’t fall for this…..

  33. you stupid people!!! Read the damn instruction!! Chaaban is NOT telling you how to hack people but alerting everyone about fake bs that hackers use.

    why the fuck would you want to hack people’s email addresses. Get a fucking life…one that doesnt involve any kind of hacking!!!

    ps. Chaaban,excuse my language

  34. hey i knoe how to hack in its lyk a two minute job so email me

  35. haha.. ppl just dont wana read A-Z what he is trying to say… this is all scam dont wall into this shit…

  36. Chaaban is NOT telling you how to hack people but alerting everyone about fake bs that hackers use.

    why the **** would you want to hack people’s email addresses. Get a ***** life…one that doesnt involve any kind of hacking!!!

    ps. Chaaban,excuse my language

  37. ok. look, all you people including Chaaban.
    some people hack because someone did something bad to them right? others hack coz they don’t have a life.

    quit trying. coz, you know these idiots aren’t gonna stop.

  38. Personally, I think this is all totally nuts! Either you can or you cant do it but for all those who are interested in finding out… Look elsewhere cause you sure as hell aint gona find any useful information on here!

  39. hi chaban plz :D tell me an easy way how can i hack ……..

  40. can you help me hack into my boyfriends hotmail account i believe hes cheating on me

  41. I was wondering if those hacking programs that come up when you search hacking on google are scams. Im not asking how to or for someone to help,, Im just simply asking if I can trust anyof them or not. Im scared to try and download one because i dont want to mess up my computer, but if they do work,, I would like to do it so,, can you give me your opions on this topic please? Thanks.

  42. hi shabban its ussien from lebanon can u provide me my password back man and can u send to my mail i will be greatfull man thanks
    send to kazaam222atyahoo.com

  43. hi shlbyy,
    to be honest with you, i have tried everything to get someone password with no luck. i have offered money and all possible way. nothing worked!

  44. my boyfriend seems something unhonest, please help me to have his hotmail password for more understanding him, please help me , please…. thanks a lot in advance, pls contact my email is @hotmail.com

  45. hi h r u dear i m shahrukh i want 2 hack a password my friend

  46. hey, i was just wondering if it is illegal for someone(anyone,even a close realitive) to hack into your e.mail accounts and if it is , who do you inform about it,, the police???or who?? the reason iam asking is that someone has done this to me and now is using the info in my mails to get me in to trouble and i really want to show this person that that was really wrong…i want to teach them a lesson,,,oh the computer that was hacked into is at his home(as well as mine) but…does this make any difference.. someome please get back to me asap.. because this is burning me up inside and i want my revenge so much!!!thanks

  47. Hi, I need my boyfriend password of hotmail.
    He is cheating on me and I would to make everything clear.

    Please contact me.

  48. I have a feeling my parents are being unfaithful and if this is so – as a child I think I need to get to the bottom of this to ensure honesty.. please help me

  49. hi dudes just sayin hi to chabban and do not hack it i wrong k chabban is right

  50. If this is BS the hacker i sent my login and password to will have somethink else a nice virus to go with it!! have fun HACKER! :)