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War on Terrorism

I will be Launching Soon a new website called ” Against Terrorism ” ,
it will contain info about terrorists and terrorism And possible threats , Dangerous places
where terrorists could gather .

The Good news is that i have a lot of friends worldwide who will support me with this and will help get info .

It’s a non-profit site … so i dont have any intention to publish ads on it ; All kind of support will be accepted .

The URL : http://www.againstterrorism.org/

All together for a War on Terrorism



Remedies and Solutions to Fight Terrorism & Extremism


  1. Very nice step , keep it up with the hard work .

  2. i believe that terrorism is not an act of religions nor act to protect any country but more or less it is an act of brutalism and self esteem. to show power and egoism without thinking of others.
    good info and i’m looking forward to read more on this topic.

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