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Maitrise Commerce Electronique

It has been exactly 1 month that i started my Master degree in E-business “Maitrise Commerce Electronique” at HEC & U of Montreal …

After a very nice summer full of action where i did my Infantry Qualification with the Canadian Forces ,it was time to go back to the boring things ….

Maitrise Commerce Electronique – UNIVERSITY Courses!

The Good thing is that i got 4 courses credited from my previous Graduate Diploma in
E-business “DESS Affaires Electronique”

The Bad Things :

The Courses are sooooo Boring !! or maybe it’s just the summer effect … getting back to school after 4 months of fun ..

Courses I’m taking now :

CEL6001 Introduction au commerce électronique (Introduction to Electronic Commerce)
4-870-00 Économie numérique (Digital Economy)
35-711-01 Droit et commerce électronique [DRT6903A] (Law & Electronic Commerce)
35-731-01 Technologies du commerce électronique (Technology of the Electronic Commerce)

About those courses :

Introduction au Commerce Electronique : This course is given by 3 teachers (Business , Computer , Law) , each week a teacher come and speak about a specific subject (eBay ,Google ,youtube ,amazon …) and we see the different aspects , this course is interesting if you didnt take any course related to e-commerce but in my case i already took the specialisation courses (E-Marketing & E-strategy) so it’s a very boring class

Économie numérique : This is a nice course to take , a lot of interaction and the teacher turn it in a fun course , speak a lot about latest news in term of web technology … i still don’t know why they call it digital economy “still have few weeks to discover …”

Droit et commerce électronique : This course is really not for me , I’m just not into laws , i know i did a lot of bad thing in the past :p especially related to web … but there is just too much definitions and they are very picky on words .. even comas !! like today he was talking about a company who lost 3,7 million because in the contract there was a coma missing And it changed the meaning !! WTF

Technologies du commerce électronique : It’s an insult for me to take this course , someone with computer background especially computer science from the University of Montreal shouldn’t take this course , little example : he was explaining HTML TAGS TODAY … and the final project is just a simple site where users can browse cd , login , admin , add/delete (simple dynamic programming)

I hope this semester pass without any problem … it’s my last one after that it’s just an internship and 1 more course that i might do in the summer if i dont anything to do with the Canadian Army .

Do i recommend to join the “Maitrise En Commerce Electronique” , not really , would recommend more to take a graduate diploma in E-business you would be able to take more interesting courses , the Specialisation courses are very good to take , the introduction courses are a waste of time “In my POINT OF VIEW

If you are not a Computer educated person and you have online experience … the “Maitrise Commerce Electronique” program might be interesting for you …

Update About the Maitrise en Commerce Electronique:

It Seem I’m not the only one complaining , today students were saying that they started sending emails to the Director of the Program “Esma Aïmeur” about their dissatisfaction … typical answer :

We will improve & fix it next year

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  1. I want to join you.

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