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Canadian Special Forces (JTF2)

This is An Answer to the post made about the JTF2 , It was made by Someone called Chris …

I edited some text but the main content is still here :

Chris Said :

I have been in the Canadian Armed Forces for 13 years now.
I’m currently finishing my third contract and obviously I plan to extend it once again.

First thing, in regards to what most people think, especially younger kids, you can’t just apply to JTF2 after you have served your 3 years of your first 5 year contract, and it is 3 years not 2 like some videos may say.

And if you plan on joining the army just to try to get into JTF2 than don’t bother joining because chances are you will not get in and most younger guys who join with that attitude are usually hated because they are pricks and suck at the job and end up breaking out of their 5 year contract, sounds bad but it’s true. But there are 4 phases into joining JTF2.

Phase 1 is for members who apply at the unit level through their chain of command, completing the form Application for Service with JTF 2, which includes a verification of their medical category, as well as a signature from their Adjt/XO/AdminO that authorizes the applicant to proceed with the selection process. The application form is also available through the B/WPSO. You basically have to be pre-approved to advance into the training process, not easy to do.

Phase 2 -Applicants must successfully complete the JTF 2 physical fitness test and the CF Swim Test administered by PSP staff. A JTF 2 physical fitness-training program has been developed and is available at PSP offices. It is strongly recommended that interested members take advantage of this program, as recent unit research has confirmed that those who adhere to the program are generally enjoying greater levels of success. In addition, upon successful completion of the fitness portion, members must contact the B/WPSO’s office in order to undergo a screening process, which includes completing a cognitive ability test and a selection interview with the B/WPSO to assess attributes identified as being critical for JTF 2 applicants.
Most applicants do not make it past phase 2. So like I said if you join thinking that you will get into a SpecOp Unit and it’s just like the movies keep dreaming, it is nothing like that at all.

Phase 3 -Members who are invited to attend Phase III selection undergo a seven-day assessment process designed to assess whether candidates are likely to succeed during the SOAC, and to assess if they possess the personal attributes required for employment with JTF 2. The process is very demanding and pushes candidates to their physical and mental limits. Candidates are assessed on numerous criteria, which include: physical fitness (aerobic and anaerobic); performing effectively at heights, in water and in confined spaces; working as a member of a team; problem solving; and interpersonal skills. Assessments are conducted in high stress tactical settings to assess an applicant’s ability to recall directions, identify and react to threats, handle weapons safely, and make decisions under physical and mental duress.

and Phase 4(obviously)- Special operations assaulter course which lasts approximately seven (7) months.

If you plan on joining the military just because you think you will get into a SpecOp unit than DO NOT JOIN!!! Unless you have made a decision on what you plan on doing in the military do not join infantry. Joining infantry thinking you will be in a SpecOp unit is not a good thing to do. If you do not plan on being a career infrantry soldier than you are wasting your time because what opportunities will you have in life serving as a 5 year infrantry soldier? I have seen it happen too many times to good people and nothing ever comes from. So look at your options before joining because Infrantry is not for everyone, especially if you do not plan on going career.

And regards to the physical fitness test,if you complete everything stated-

You will need to do :

- 40 Push-ups (Minimum – no rest)
- 40 Sit-ups (Minimum in 1 mn)
- 5 pull-ups
- Bench press (65 kg min)
- Run 1.5 mile (2,4 km) in 9 mn

That will only get you 75 points, you will need a minimum of 90 points for them to even look at you pretty much. The only way to get a higher point rating is too complete all the tests with much better results than stated above.

Be realistic and look at all of your options before joining, that is all I am trying to say.




  1. Good points there..if you are in and want to go for the JTF2 that’s great..but I would first concentrate on doing your job, if you’re a member of the infantry excel at that first and make that your first concern and if you get the chance to try out for the JTF2 follow the programs as outlined in the CF and work as hard as you can to get through it.

    But what ever trade or MOC you’re in excel at that first. No sense in concentrating one one thing that might not happen at the expense of what the CF has put time and money in training you to do currently.

  2. hey im joining the army
    i have a few questions maybe somebody can answer for me
    im joining under infantry, can i switch what i do after im done my 3 year contract. I am not sure what i want to do in the army yet so i just applied as infantry solider to begin.
    any suggestions

  3. what the, wheres the next article? i mean what do you do after u graduate BMQ SQ and BIQ?

    dont tell me uve been spending 3 months sitting on your ass?

  4. Euhh yeah lol

    well after our BIQ there is the DP2

    DP 2 – Infantry Platoon Support Weapons


    Recce Crewman


    Basic Winter Warfare

    And many other courses like (404 driving course)

    but in my case i have a life , I’m not in the army 24/24 .

    Currently I’M finishing a master degree .. so it take a lot of my time and i work as a programmer .

    but when we don’t have a course we go to our Regiment .

    few Tuesday / week and some weekends we have regiment training.

    Also we will be traveling soon to Mississippi for a 10 days Camp .

    Will post about it Soon , when i will receive my confirmation .

    And for the courses it’s hard to find a place since the Army is missing instructors most are in Afganistan , but will try my best to finish at least 1 or 2 courses this summer .

  5. well you might be in luck, apply for a transfer to royal winnipeg rifles and come to school here instead heh, ive talked to a recruiter yesterday and ended up changing my application to an officer application, so ill be able to train you up well

  6. I am a Canadian citizen currently serving with the British Royal Marines Commandos for almost 3 years now, i was in the Canadian Forces Reserves before that for 3 years. I have been recently thinking about leaving the Royal Marines and trying to come back to Canada andoin the JTF2. i have done one operation in Afghanistan and been travelling all around the world during my carreer. i was just wondering how possible it was for me to come back home and join JTF2.

  7. Hey Colin. My name is Chris, Im 19 years old. I am currently serving my first month in the Canadian Grenadier Guards Reserves Regiment in Montreal QC. My dream is to serve in the Royal Marines Commando unit in the UK. Could you please email me back. Id like to ask a few question about how you joined. Thanks


  8. I disagree with this guy. If you want to get into spec ops u can! My friend is in CSOR and knew from day one he wanted to be specops one day, if ur a prick then ya ppl wont like u but if ur good at what u do u will advance if u want to. JTF2 is more serious but im sure you can get into CSOR if you want to

  9. Hi I am 15 years old, my dream is to be on the water with the navy but I also want to fight on the front lines with the specal forecs or somthng.

  10. Hi, i am 15 year old my drean is to join the armed forces but my even bigger dream is to join jtf2. currently iam with ea cadets and iam trying get all i can get ou t of it iam going sucba diving and i have bin doing lots of pretty useful stuff with them so i cant wait till iam 18

  11. CSOR and JTF2 are both hardcore im saying jtf2 troops are a bit better but both are ridiculously hard to get into

  12. No wonder all I hear about when people talk about canadian army/military whatever you call yourselves is jokes. Your biggest weopon is a whistle so if theres real danger you blow it and the Marines come in and take care of it. (did that sting a little? good because you brought it on to yourself). anything else cadet?

  13. Hi I would just like to say that the stated initial physical requirements are so far below the standard for an international SF unit its almost laughable.

    40 Push-ups (Minimum – no rest)
    - 40 Sit-ups (Minimum in 1 mn)
    - 5 pull-ups
    - Bench press (65 kg min)
    - Run 1.5 mile (2,4 km) in 9 mn

    Honestly, having served in the Australian Army with the 3rd battalion (para) as my first unit before completing SASR selection, our minimum, and absolute bare minimum was:

    60 pushups
    100 sit ups in 90 sec.
    10 pull ups
    who cares about bench press??? absolutely useless for a soldier who needs his brain more than his chest
    2.4km run in full webbing in less than 11 minutes

    You don’t even want to know what the expectations are for SASR selection after serving a few years in 3 RAR.

    If this is the Canadian standard, I sincerely hope they raise the bar lads.


  14. Hey chris he said that that was the minimum. You almost have to exceed those standards to have a chance to get in.

  15. chris he said that: You will need to do :

    - 40 Push-ups (Minimum – no rest)
    - 40 Sit-ups (Minimum in 1 mn)
    - 5 pull-ups
    - Bench press (65 kg min)
    - Run 1.5 mile (2,4 km) in 9 mn

    That will only get you 75 points, “you will need a minimum of 90 points for them to even look at you pretty much. The only way to get a higher point rating is too complete all the tests with much better results than stated above.”

    so this is not the standard you need to do alot better then that to join the canadian SF units. allt his only gets you 75 points and has he said already you need 90

  16. My have relly good riflecs and i have relly good at waht peopol tell me and I have a relly good family I love them and ya!!!!!$

  17. Chris, lets say you in war and an explosion causes a wall fall on you, now u need to bench press to get out lol

  18. Well having acquired the standards and the PSP regime for the PT, I can say that the minimum standards listed above are inaccuarate, or have been changed since the original poster had put them up.

    The regime also includes a chart detailing minimum levels and and more difficult standard level to achieve while working up to selection with the unit.

    However one thing that I would point out, Chris, is that while you had been serving in the paras and SASR, the minimum standard to you would be the performance of the guys, not the standards to be looked at to get in. If you have ever met ANY of the guys on “The Hill” you can tell that they can easily outperform the standards listed, and do so on a daily basis.

    Trust me and have faith, being regarded as one of the upper SOF units in the world, we didn’t attain this level of proficiency by achieveing the “minimum”.

  19. Question. Am ex-foreign legion (2REP) with overseas experience and previously Irish Reserve Defence Forces. Visa application for Canada ongoing at present with a good chance of being accepted due to good education and the fact that I speak fluent French and English. What are my chances of being accepted to the Canadian Armed Forces with a permanent residency visa? Would welcome a new challenge. Obviously am not stupid enough to even think about SF at this stage, though I am used to the whole physical and mental challenges such a unit would present. Just to get my foot in the door in terms of Combat Infantry would do for starters…… Thanks for any help/advice, from one old pro to another.

  20. What if you wher a paratrooper in the U.S. army who’s been dployed and has combat expiernce in Iraq

  21. Hi my name is sgt.kamal RPF Rwanda SF ,sory to interapt but i thought western sf were tough wait till u see wat we do
    we are trained by Russians in israriel
    before goin through man its crazy

    physical test
    climibing (the hardest and wheremost boys lost there lives)
    and wepons

  22. I find it rather comical that a lot of people on here have opinions about shit they can’t understand. Another thing that makes me laugh is the fact that the CF and all branches of special forces would rather not have people applying who can’t even write proper English. This however only applies to the few among us who speak English as their first language and still can’t get it right; the foreigners we’ll let off the hook.

  23. To Chris
    “60 pushups
    100 sit ups in 90 sec.
    10 pull ups
    who cares about bench press??? absolutely useless for a soldier who needs his brain more than his chest
    2.4km run in full webbing in less than 11 minutes

    You don’t even want to know what the expectations are for SASR selection after serving a few years in 3 RAR.

    If this is the Canadian standard, I sincerely hope they raise the bar lads.


    I find it funny how you say a solder needs his brains doesn`t need bench press, but yet you still mention the pushups, situps, and pullups.

    I just wanted to say that the minimum DOES NOT get you 75 points, it gives you 55 points, and you need 75 points to pass. Total amount of points is 150. If you get minimum in everything you fail (as in you fail the physical test).

  24. Its funny how everyone tends to bad mouth Canadians when it comes our Forces.

    JTF-2 is constantly regarded as one of the most professional, well trained units in the world. I laugh when Americans bad mouth us, but meanwhile back when we first entered Afghanistan, not just JTF-2, but the Princesss Patricias played a pivital role in the insertion of American troops. It was durring this time that a Canadian sniper broke the record for longest kill at 2,4 km (i think). He was sniping men in the mountains so that American troops could advance through. These men were honored by the Bush administration for their work, and the “lives they saved” This sniper record has since been broken by a UK solider.

    JTF-2 also takes their identity very seriously. There have been missions that not even our PM knew they were deployed on. Those that make it, do NOT share information. I have an uncle who is a med tech in the Navy, he had a friend make JTF-2 and has said that he talks very little about the selection process, and that he NEVER talks about any deployments or any training.. Not even his family knows.

    The fact is, as Canadians, people have the perception that we are the salt of the earth people. That we would take our shirt off our backs for anyone. Maybe its our friendly nature that makes people think that there is no way that we could possibly be home to a sophisticated counter terrorist unit that compares easily with SAS, Delta Force, SEALs, SASR, SBS, GROM, etc.

    People who think they know about SF are kidding themselves. The list of requirements is a joke, if you think thats all it takes, give your head a shake. The people who bad mouth any SF unit are deffinatley the same guys who play COD and think they have it all figured out. If you talk to any SF guy in any unit they are all going to say the same thing about eachother, that they are professional, outstanding men, who get in do the job, and get on with it. Training for all SF units have to be fairly similar because of all the Joint operations that constantly happen.

    I have only heard one incident where SF units bad mouthed eachother. It was in the early stages of Afghanistan when there was a joint opperation led by Delta Force. Involved were SBS, the German SF (sorry can’t remember the name) JTF-2 and GROM. The mission didn’t go exactly as planned. The Americans complained that the Brits didn’t react as fast as they would like, that they were hesitant to follow through on orders. Americans were quoted as saying: “Being very disapointed with the Brits for coming home empty handed (without prisoners)” and “that there slow reaction times were a strong reason why this happened”

    The germans were quoted as saying ” that the americans walked into a small village and unfortunatley shot civilians durring the opperation” later after the abu grave incident these same soliders said ” I am not suprised one bit about those events after watching what the Americans did before”

    The whole reason I told this is because both the Americans and Brits did agree on one thing. That JTF-2 played a pivitol role, and that the unit worked fast, and with professionalism.”

    The fact is that anyone who is part of any SF unit is someone who is insanely good at their proffesion, the perfectionist, the crazy driven, hard as f**k solider. My hat goes off to all those men, and their sacrifices don’t go missed in my life. As a Candian I have read lots of history books about our triumphs and tragedies in the World Wars, but my favorite quote is by a british reporter who wrote a story on the Canadian army and how it gets little respect in the world when it comes to fighting, but that when the world needs help we are there in a heart beat constantly vigilant and driven to rid the world of evil doers.

    ” Canada is the wallflower, it sits outside the dance floor waiting to be asked for a dance, and when she is, she doesn’t disapoint. She flourishes and takes the spot light, and in that moment everyone seems to be greatful shes there, and when the songs over, shes back to her chair, forgotten, but she will always be there waiting for a dance partner”

    Its our mentality as a nation, we do our jobs, we keep our head down and just do it. We don’t need world recognition because we know as a nation we are very proud of our men and women who have, are, and will wear the uniform.

  25. I’m 18, finishing up high school and planning on joining the CF to get into JTF2. Playing Call of Duty 4 was what interested me in Special Forces and I’ve trained (worked out, not gamed) extremely hard to make sure I get in. I appreciate your years of service and the validity of some of what your saying, but who are you to make the judgement on who can, or cannot get into JTF2? From reading Chris Kyles “American Sniper” and Marcus Luttrell’s “Lone Survivor”, the people who get into Special Force are the people who say “no” to every other option.

  26. Chris:

    The standards are set low because they want to see which men come to selection just barely meeting 40 pushups and which men come overly prepared and do 120 – 200 pushups. The latter is what is called SF material, the men to strive to succeed.

    As for those of you foul-mouthing JTF2, they have a Presidential citation administered by George Bush… the most ignorant of all US Presidents. It’s natural that you COD fags would think that the American Special forces or the SAS are the best and only units in the world, or that you know everything about weapons/SF because you play… And that’s natural because video games depict one American soldier as being the most elite badass and saving the world single handedly, but believe me when I tell you, even small countries have BADASS special forces (i.e. Denmark has the Danish Frogman Corps, which are some badass guys if I say so myself).

    Being able to bench 200 pounds means nothing for the special forces. These guys can hold 200 pounds on their backs for 7 days straight while running miles after miles with no sleep and only enough food to keep them alive. Just because we don’t make movies or Discovery Channel tv shows about our most elite forces like you guys do with your so-called “Secret units”, doesn’t mean they exist, all it means is that we want to keep out Secret Units a Secret.

    As for the chances of you getting into JTF2 being low, I disagree. As long as you go in prepared, you’ll succeed. The interviews are to weed out the douchebags that brag about their abilities because the unit knows that those same douchebags are gonna be the ones bragging about their job, so don’t talk about your abilities unless directly asked about them.

  27. And were are they stationed (JTF2)?

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