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Infantry Qualification

I finally finished my Infantry Qualification Course (DP1 or PP1 in French) ,it was a very hard and very long summer for me , i shouldn’t call it summer since most of it was rain and cold weather .

I passed the 2 hardest months of my life doing the craziest thing i never did before ,
but at the end I’m proud and happy of what we did and would do it for sure again any time soon .

I wont discuss what we made in my Infantry Qualification since it was already discussed before :
Soldier Qualification & Infantry Qualification

in Few words we did :

* C-19 (The Claymore anti-personal Mine)
* Mortar 60 mm
* M-203 Grenade Launcher
* C7 (M-16 US version)
* A lot of Platoon Attack and Defence
* Ambush
* Raid
* Patrol
* Ruck Sack Forced March
* Field

If anyone have question about the PP1 (DP1) Course , just ask your question ,
i will make my best to answer it with what i know .

For Now you can the Video and Some Pics :

Our Great Vimy Camp In the Summer …

Our Goooodbye to MCPL Goulet

This weapon was with me during 2 months , 24/24 we passed looong nights together ;)

Who’s this ??

m16 + grenade Launcher

This *&!@# is just nice to watch , very annoying to have during rucksack march and during wood patrol !!

Carl Gustave 84 mm

My Sweet Ruck sack after getting a smoke grenade when we were in trenches , Thank’s Lieutenant :P

My next qualification should be :

- QASP (Weapon platoon support)
- Radio Communication

Next 2 posts will be about :

- ASF Qualification (Auxiliary Security Force) qualification that we did last week .
- JTF2 (A post made by a member of the JTF2 explaining the Process of the JTF2- Join Task Force two , Canadian Special Forces …)


  1. Hey was just curious to know if anyone got injured or quit during the PP1?

  2. we had few injuries but they dident quit , they got some break from pt & ruck sack march ..

    the injuries occurred more during our SQ , i think more than 2-3 got a release for injuries …

  3. Actually, only 2 privates had injuries. One of them finish the SQ course, and could not do the PP1. The other one, finish the SQ but was not qualified; however, he did not quit the CF.

  4. hey! wats up! i was there too and it was awesome nive videos by the way and mcpl goulet is amazing he was my section cmdt in bmq

  5. I can wait to start my training ! It good to read someone who did it !

  6. Oh man, that bring so much memories. I remember shooting a mortar round that went berserk and we didn’t know were it would land… The sound of the rounds passing above your head is something you don’t forget either. I did my infantry training in 97… and went on to be an assault pioneer in the Royal 22nd Regiment

  7. After you finish your training do you choose your regiment or are you placed. Any good tips for someone entering the infantry for the first time. Thanks John

  8. Oh…in they video I here quebecers..yay…But where do we join for these trainings???

  9. Gabriel–>you can get info on st-catherine corner bishop (recruit centre).

    love the pic of vimy, brings back memories from my DP1! lol what a special place vimy is…

  10. In my time, we called it Camp Vomit

  11. We called it : VALCATRAZ LOL

  12. Mouhahaha Valcatraz, that one is good

  13. Hey How is the Qmb realy ?
    I’m going to recruit center (on bishop street) but , they don’t says realy what I want to know… I realy want to know what is it to became a soldier ( sorry is my english writting is bad, cause i’m a french guys…) lol… so I want to know all the step the good and the bad one…
    Thank’S to all of you. and you do a great Job guys!!

  14. - QMB Can be fun and messy at the same time , all depend on who you get to train you , sometime you get good instructors and sometime you get instructors that sucks another thing to look at would be the section , if you have good soldiers in ur section you will have a lot of fun .

    to know what is it to become a soldier you will have to test it to feel it … in my case it was good experience .

    another info : never trust your recruiter , they are trained to lie and their only aim is to have more ppl in , so he will tell you whatever you want to hear .

    Ask on forums and blogs before joining for detailed questions (like for the Schools and university fees , the medical coverage , etc..)

  15. did you guys do pistols on dp1?

  16. No that is DP2-Alpha.

  17. How was the 13km ruckmarch. thats what scares me the most about biq. can you please email me the response as this is my first time and probably last on this site

  18. the 13km ruck march is not bad at all i have done 6 of them and have never had a problem

  19. i really wanna join the CF…but i am very nervous that i wont be able to complete the BMQ and continue further…i have a few people in my life that keep telling me i wouldnt be able to tough it out….my roommate is in the army he in Valcartier now finishes his course in Feb i think to become a Van Doo….it was him joining that made me wanna join, during his BMQ he’d come in on weekends and tell me about the experiences…he said it was tough at times…as long as u listen do and what ur told BMQ should be pretty much easy….so as of right now the recruiting office on st catherine and bishop told me that we arent taking anyone until Feb or Mar 2010 im looking to join Infantry,Armoured soldier or Combat Engineer…still not sure yet….any thoughts on those trades?? and anything to boost my morale about joining….like my roommate and some of the guys i met from his platoon in BMQ said i can do it…not sure if they were being nice or think i can really do it….ive seen some of the guys in the platoon….over weight….a few screws loose in head….and they passed the BMQ and continued on….they are speared out…Valcartier…..Gagetown……Borden…..Meaford….so ya just would like some input on someone who has been in my place being alittle nervous and discourged…and someone who doesnt know me and can give me an honest answer without knowing me…..im in shape somewhat lol…im 160lbs….recently jobless so ive been a little lazy lol…so i wanna join to be more in order in life and to enjoy the experience and pros the army has to offer…so any feedback would be appreicated…..thanks

  20. check on youtube the serious called basic up it will show u everything almost in the bmq! basic up…
    I am looking to join infantry i dont really want to do anything else

  21. Hi. :)

    Just came here to ask if anyone knows if I could do a Reserves BMQ here in Alberta? Right after Gr. 10? (I plan to join Reg Force after I graduate)

    I live about two hours away from Edmonton, AB. I’m also wondering if I would have to do BMQ during school (when I’m 16 in two & a half years).

    I’d also like to know how often I’d have to work…any info would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance. =]

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