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Soldier Qualification Achieved

Few Weeks passed and i didn’t wrote anything on my blog … reason : Tooo tired when i come back from my army course to write …

The News :

I finally finished my Soldier Qualification Course last week and started The Basic Infantry Qualification course (click to enlarge) .

Certificate of military achivement - Soldier Qualification

The Second week of SQ was fun , we did the C6 (m-240) Shooting on Tuesday and The Grenade on Thursday , I didn’t like the C6 shooting , i enjoyed more the C9 (M-249) More accurate , but the c6 is more powerful .

Here is the Video of our Shooting :

The grenade was Super Cool , The Sound of the explosion was awesome , we launched 2 GRENADE (C-13)


After that it was preparation to the Field , we took Some Courses related to Section Attacks and War Prisoners and Stress in Combat .

The QS 0730 Group before the Departure to the Field :

QS 0730 , Summer 2007 Valcartier, Camp Vimy

The Last week of our Soldier Qualification Course was the Harder , it was more a Miserable week that we passed , at sometime 10 soldiers wanted to leave (We are 30), they even packed and some of them left other changed mind when the warrant spoke to them …

We passed 5 days there in the field , 4 / 5 days it was raining on us , the worse : we weren’t prepared enough for the field , we didnt took enough cloth , so we all our combat cloth were wet , our boots were full of water and it was very cold during the night , it was more like a nightmare .

We only slept 2 hrs during those 5 days , i don’t know how we did it , usually if i stay 1 day without sleep i cant support it , but there we did …

The Field was like a war zone , we had to dig a lot of trenches and stay in them 24/24 because “enemies” were attacking and we were supposed to defend the zone .

Here are some pictures of our Trench’s :

Trench by the Canadian Army SQ Course

Canadian army reserve trenches


The only nice day we had is when we played with Pyrothecnics , the weather was super nice (only day) …

In The Last day we had to close all trenches that we dug (more than 10) we passed 4 days digging and at the end we had to close them :) how nice

We were proud of our self , we survived lol the only thing we wanted is to go back home and Sleeeeeeeeeeep , we had a little parade for the SQ Graduation , the Major came and spoke … then the Lieutenant gave us the Certificate and told us to prepare for the Basic Infantry Qualification Course .

I will speak about it later since i already finished 1 week of it :) and i can tell you SQ was a game , BIQ is totally different much much harder , the week we passed was longer than the 3 weeks of the SQ course …

Will speak about it later ;)


  1. you know it cuz ove ppl like you that were not allow to have cameras on ex or on course… it ok to take pictures but keep them to ur self… what next ur gonna show the whole world how we pepper pot or how lav3 operates??? plz dont screw ur own army

  2. Hey the “Pouffe” , if you think few pictures of guns and some videos of Pyrotechnics compromise the security of the army i can tell that you watch a lot of movies and that the media is doing a good job !

    Start by fearing your own security , just having minimum info about you ..i got your picture and most info about you so now you are at risk !! MUHAHAHA

    i know you are from The Royal Montreal Regiment , 20 years old , approximately 170-175 cm , … man i even have your dog tag … you are also a shy guy that’s why you don’t have a girlfriend , you are only good at chatting since there is no face-to-face conversations in other words you are a fake guy .

    Enough for today … so my advice for you start minding of your own security ;)

  3. Did you have inspections on summer SQ? where did u do it, how long did it run, and how many days off did u get? gonna be doing mine this summer any info would be much appreciated

  4. Yeah Daily Inspections , it was in our tents , 5-30 mn depends if the instructors wanted to mess it , usually we have the weekends off except last week , we didn’t get it …

  5. about how much did you make doing your sq/dp1 because i got it this summer

  6. also how did you keep your phone dry during the rain? ziplock bag in pocket?

  7. Did you sleep 2 hours A DAY during those five days or did you just get to sleep 2 hours during those ENTIRE 5 days? Was it because of the bad weather or because the seargents just gave you so little time to sleep? PLEASE answer me because it REALLY bothers me. I’ll be very grateful : ))))))

  8. Chris 1 : We stayed like 2 months i think

    Chris 2 : Yes zip lock bag in pocket ;)

    Dimitri : for 3 days we didnt sleep at all , well i slept while standing up … but during our lunch/breaks we used to sleep few minutes and i remember once they gave us 2 hrs to sleep .

    and it wasn’t because of bad weather lol no one care of weather if you are tired , all what you need is just sleep

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