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Soldier Qualification : C9 & C6

I came back yesterday from my first full time week SQ 0730 (Soldier Qualification) , it was a very long and nice week .

I never took a full time course before so it was something new for me with the Soldier Qualification course .

We arrived at Valcartier Base Sunday 12:00 , it’s a very nice and big Base .

Most of the First day was dedicated to papers issues and assigning tents and grouping us in sections and rules of the Valcartier , we were assigned the Vimy Camp .

For the Soldier Qualification Course (Also called : Qualification de Soldat in french) we will have A Lieutenant as the Commander and a Warrant .

They are very cool people , it’s clear that they want to teach us and not make our life miserable .

For our section we were assigned to Master Corporal (They will become Sergent Soon) , they are very experienced .

First Few Days we learned the C9 (M-249 American Version)


It’s a very nice weapon , it use the same bullet as the C7 (M16) , So we passed the whole 2 days learning the C9 drills , how to use the c9 , how to clean the c9 , what to do in case of a problem , how to disassemble and reassemble the c9 , the Characteristics of the C9 … Etc

During those 2 days we also did a lot of Physical training and during courses we used to make push-ups .

We were given 3 time/ day to eat , the food there is not a problem , there is a lot of food and different kind , it’s very important to eat to stay in a good condition since we burn a lot of calories … so this is a must .

On Wednesday in the morning we had our exam before the Shooting range for the C9 , i passed the test without problem , it was an easy one after all the exercises we did .

In The Afternoon we went to the Shooting range , and here were the Fun started , it was the first time of my life for the C9 so i didn’t know what to expect from the weapon , i was assigned 400 bullets !! (not like my 150 miserable bullets in my BMQ (Basic military qualification))

we were given the chance to shoot :

      100 bullets from 100 meters
      100 bullets from 200 meters
      200 bullets from 300 meters

To tell you the truth i didn’t like it as much as the C7 , even if i was shooting 3-4 bullets / sec , the 400 bullets ended in no time , it was so fast , to enjoy this weapon you should at least shoot 2000 bullets .

On Thursday we started the C6 Lessons also called M-60 M-240 (American Version) , it’s much bigger and more powerful than the C9

C6 MACHINE GUN ,M-240 , mitrailleuse M60 M-60 MITRAILLEUSE

The Machine gun drills were easy since it’s approximately the same thing as the C9 , so courses were much faster and finally on Friday we took more courses related to the C6 And at 16:00 we started packing to go back to Montreal .

A little problem occurred with the buses so we couldn’t leave before 7:30 pm , we arrived at LONGUE POINTE at 10:45 and it took me 1 hour to arrive home at midnight directly to the bed after a looong and hard week .

Problems :

I had several problems that i will list so maybe it will help other candidates who will go there :

- The weather is a total mess , in the nights it’s super cold , in the morning most of the time it’s raining and during the day it’s like a desert very hot !

- I got 3 bites by spider , it think it occurred during my sleep my hand got very big and red and it got infected , so its a good idea to take anti insect stuff and put them before you sleep , glad that i have 2-3 days break so i can rest .

Next Departure is on Monday 1800 pm from Long Pointe to Quebec – Valcartier , We are supposed to have The Shooting range for the C6 (M-60) and then the Grenade courses , each one of us will have the chance to throw 2 grenades .

Then the Sections Attack and Defence will start and last week will be dedicated for the Field .

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  1. Intereting posts you made on your blog about your military experience..
    I have the project to do so.. but not for the same army as you :D ..

    I will follow your blog ! (bookmarked) and Blog on !

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