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Soldier Qualification & Basic Infantry Qualification

Sunday 24 June 2007 will be my departure day for my (SQ – Soldier Qualification)course .

Date: 24 June to 14 July

Here is what we will be Doin in the First part of the course :

PO 101 Participate in Dismounted Offensive Operations
PO 102 Participate in Dismounted Defensive Operations
PO 103 Participate in a Dismounted Reconnaissance Patrol
PO 104 Fire the C7 with the C79 Optical Sight Unit
PO 105 Fire the General Purpose Machine Gun, 7.62mm, C6, in the Light Role
PO 106 Fire the Light Machine Gun, 5.56mm, C9
PO 109 Throw Grenades
PO 110 Perform Individual Fieldcraft
PO 114 Perform Army Physical Fitness Training

After that my BIQ (Basic Infantry Qualification) course will start .

Date : 15 July to 11 August
Course Description :

PO 101 Fire the C7 Service Rifle
PO 102 Fire the 60mm Light Mortar
PO 103 Fire the SRAAW (H)
PO 104 Perform Fieldcraft
PO 105 Perform Combat Physical Tasks
PO 106 Conduct Offensive Operations
PO 107 Conduct Patrolling Operations
PO 108 Conduct Defensive Operations
PO 109 Participate in Airmobile Operations
PO 110 Operate LAV Ancillary Equipment
PO 111 Conduct Transitional and Unique Operations
EdO 101 Regimental History
EdO 102 Describe Combat Arms

The Training will be Held at Valcartier (Quebec City , Canadian Forces Military Base) , Departure is tomorrow , we are supposed to go to Longue Pointe Military Base in Montreal and from there we will be taken to Valcartier , i think it’s a 350 km distance .

Wish me goood luck and i hope i wont get injured to be able to accomplish my training …

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)


  1. Hi, I have a question for you. Is there a weight to join the army?

  2. please i have the full interest to join the canadian army but i leave in ghana,please where should i start,hope to hear from you.

  3. well isaac, first of all you should come to canada and try to get ur canadian citizenship which takes about 5 years …im not 100% sure but it takes a while soo if youre really up for what you are telling us then you should start now if you wanna be in the greatest army of all time. =)
    good luck with plan

  4. do you guys get chicken for dinner or would we have to bring that ourself?

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