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Abdel Aziz Hamze

When a problem occurs or something very bad happens .. we always say it happens to other but not us … well Monday was a very bad day for me , one of my Friends Abdel Aziz Hamze was involved in an accident that costs the life of a person .

Here is what the Media Says :

Police say Abdelaziz Hamze slammed his white minivan into a green Cadillac, and he took off. The driver and passengers of the Cadillac chased him, and Hall got out of the car. She then jumped on Hamze’s van before losing her grip and becoming trapped in the undercarriage, authorities said.

After Hall died, authorities say, Hamze boarded Delta Flight 88 on Monday at 12:35 p.m., from Fort Lauderdale to New York. Without much time to change planes, Hamze caught Delta Flight 132 at 4:20 p.m. The plane was headed to Athens.

Abdel aziz hamze

What Some Stupid Idiot (Sean Osborne – Associate Director, Military Affairs for Northeast Intelligence network, Terrorism news, information & Analysis) said:

Abdelaziz Bilal HAMZE: Profile of a Potential Islamic Terrorist?

He claims to be an investigator “BS” And from the first paragraph he made an error :

5 June 2007: To me, there is much more to the story which broke just yesterday of the vehicular homicide/murder in the first degree of Sandra Hall, 44, of Ft. Lauderdale by Abdelaziz Bilal HAMZE, a 24-year old naturalized American citizen from Lebanon. There is enough here that my gut instinct is telling me there may be significant Islamic terrorist connections, and this man, his immediate family and associates need to be investigated and profiled extensively.

Just to Correct this Idiot’s information, Abdel Aziz is a US BORN … (Excellent Investigator eh ?)
For the second bolded sentence , well i dont even need to answer this moron , if he doesn’t even know where Abdul Aziz Hamza is coming from, then you can figure out the rest…

But I will give some info for the Public about Abdul Aziz to clarify and show the truth … Abdul Aziz is a Muslim yes , but he doesn’t have any relations with terrorism , in fact one of his Goals is to Fight Terrorism and Warn Against The Wahhabism (Saudia Arabia Group (Main Residence) , Bin laden follow this group , you can search on google for “Wahabies” or “Wahhabism” to get more info)

I don’t know if you have heard of the recent terrorists events that happened in Lebanon (Nahr al Bared + Ayn al Hilwe.)

They all turned out to have conenctions to Wahhabism … anyway this is not the main topic , I just wanted to let the public know that he fights Terrorism .

Back to the Topic :

I’m just amazed on how much coverage this thing has received! It’s ridiculous. Why do they all insist on saying that he was born in Lebanon? Just to lie and hide the truth? To exaggerate the story because he’s a Lebanese Muslim? He is a born US citizen, born in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He is not a naturalized citizen.

And by the way, the reason he tried to flee the scene in the first place is because they attacked him.

He stopped after the hit and told them he was calling the police to come and resolve the accident it but they tried to attack him while in his car.

They probably even threatened him. Remember, the lady and her company had just exited a casino after drinking there, so you can imagine what they were like.

And as everyone heard, the lady actually stood in front and even jumped on his car when he started the engine. Who wouldn’t be terrified and run for their life in such a situation?

Now what about the so-called victim :

From what I have found is that she was arrested 26 times , she had drug related issues. At the time of the incident, it seems that she was drunk (and the BS stuff …)

Update , The Media Released some more info about Jermaine Hall

A divorced mother of two — Latoya Arvinger, 29, and Jermaine Hall, 28 — Hall had seen the tough side of life, racking up 26 arrests since 1984, the last one in April 2006. Charges included cocaine and marijuana possession, concealed weapons violations, battery, assault, trespassing and disorderly conduct.

Her convictions included possession of cocaine and narcotics equipment, robbery, carrying a concealed weapon and trespassing.

Family members said a wrist injury several years ago kept Hall from working. Lately, she simply focused on ‘enjoying life’.

The afternoon of her death, Hall whipped up enough chitlins, pork chops, ham hocks, cornbread and rice to feed about 30 people at her mother’s home. Fishing, picnics and other outdoor activities were among Hall’s other pleasures.

(If she could do all this, you would think she could work instead of “milking the system)

After her big feast Sunday, Hall and Williams set off for their twice-weekly session of playing slot machines at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

(With there Welfare money)

The so-called suspect (Abdul aziz Hamza) : Abdelaziz Hamze earned an associate’s degree in 2003 from Broward Community College, a bachelor’s degree in political science from Florida Atlantic University, and had been working on a master’s degree in economics .

I know that this isn’t enough to prove his innocence and I know Abdel Aziz Hamze made a mistake by trying to leave the country but I understand he was in panic and I’m sure that there is a lot of info that the media didn’t publish (ignorance or on purpose..)

I just hope all this (*!)@#) ends soon , and that it doesn’t mess his life , he’s still 24 and doesn’t deserve such thing .

I’m not an Expert in US laws but I don’t know if they consider Panic , Self-defence , being afraid , as an argument …

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  1. I believe that this is crazy. What woman will stand infront of a car like that. Shes asking for it. Ofcourse the driver no matter who it is, will fight back and do anything to protect themselves. Put yourself in this position and you may do the same or worse. He was in panic mode and acted without thinking. He doesnt deserve this,

  2. This whole situation has just saddened our community as a whole.

    And from what I know of the system here, unless he can pay through the nose for an outrageous lawyer, he will rot in jail, no matter his innocence or guilt.

    I ask that Allah help him to be strong, and in any case to protect him from the harm of the people in those awful places.

    I ask Allah to protect him and relieve this calamity from him, and to grant him patience with great reward.

  3. AbdelAziz Hamze would never hurt a bug! he’s such a nice and sweet man. He was never in fights and never showed aggressiveness. He was never drunk (or drank alcohol), never was involved in drugs, never was in gangs, never had aggressive friends, and most importantly he was never put in a situation where his honesty was questioned.

    AbdulAziz Hamza is a trustworthy man who had good grades and worked hard to support himself. Everyone around him and everyone who knew him would say that.

    There is a lot to that story than what we know, and I advise people to hear both sides before making a judgment.

    Hamze is only 24 and has seen so little of this life, he was never put in such stressful situation and therefore it was easy for him to freak out and panic. On the other hand, anyone of us would feel threatened if several drunk people attacked us. This is a normal reaction to run away. And I really hope the jury will be open minded to hear his side of the story and not go into prejudice thoughts and just assume that it was on purpose just because he’s a Muslim. I will be losing faith in this country, if my religion is brought up against me on such incidents. No one asked what religion they follow and what lifestyle do they, the other group, has.

    For all the parents out there reading this article, just imagine your son/daughter in his situation. Just picture it in your mind for few minutes:

    Your son/daughter, at a very young age who are inexperienced in life, gets into a minor accident, then a group of drunk people attack him/her. What will they do? Would they stay and get hurt? Or their adrenaline will kick in and put them in the “fight or flight” mode? Well, unless your son/daughter is with a bunch of friends, there is no way they are going to stay and fight and the only normal, expected, reaction is to run for your life.

    Now, everyone who knows a little about science, knows what adrenaline is. Adrenaline is a hormone secreted during such situation that gives you energy to do things you would normally feel unable to do. If you haven’t eaten for days, if you have an adrenaline kick, you won’t feel hunger or thirst. You would also have energy to run much faster than you had ever ran before. So, back to the scene, your son/daughter has a group of angry people running after him/her, will they stay focused? or will they panic and do whatever it takes to runaway? you tell us…

    As for attempting to fly out of the country, as much as I agree that this was a HUGE mistake, the poor kid was probably afraid to tell his parents what happened, he didn’t want anyone to get in trouble and probably didn’t even know who to go to. I don’t know the truth and I don’t know the exact situation, but if I was in his shoes, and my brain isn’t functioning correctly, I would have probably done the same thing. At least when he goes back to Lebanon, though he is a born US citizen, no one is going discriminate against him!

    Abdulaziz Hamza is a sweet young man who would never hurt anyone, I would try to learn so much about what happened that night before jumping into painful conclusions…

  4. well i know Abdul Aziz Hamza personally ,he came to visit us few times and his brother ,they re very kind polite well raised young men ,caring for religion and for others,everyone who met them loved them because they were so genuine pure and clear .

    they taught us honesty, they were mature for their age serious same time fun to be around ,they taught us patience ,they taught us the beautiful religion in a very peaceful way and they warned us from the deviant sects and to be aware of them and their books ,yet they were very humble and down to earth ,these guys learned religion and applied it in their daily live.

    they taught us how to forgive and to love one another just for the sake of god and always treat people nice never miss a prayer .these guys work maybe to live to pay their bills they study to seek higher education they re very smart and they apply they religion ,they represent their religion in a very Honor way i wish everyone knows them the way i knew them ,these guys are really rare these days very genuine people that i m really proud and honored to know them,these guys are very sweet not even capable of killing an ant intentionally.

    Abdul 3aziz Hamza is the same age as my daughter ,was horrified and did not know what to do and when he said he did not do it i believe you tante i know ya tante you did not it and you would never do it ,i believe you ,you were in a situation you did not know what to do .



  5. I happen to know Abdul^Azeez on a personal level…..I know that he would never hurt any innocent human being on purpose!….it is quite amazing how we Muslim get connected to terrorist groups whithout any investigations nor reliable foundations….a gut feeling of police officer…wowww! that’s got to be impressive!!!!….do ur home work buddy!

    Dear Abed…u r in our prayers…..Might Right be done….we’re all praying for you!

  6. I will not speak about this guy’s personality or how he is a good-hearted guy. Nah, I’ve left that for the others who know him more than I did. All I will say to whoever is reading, to watch those contradictions in all of the published articles. Not only are they stating false facts, but over the past couple of days the journalists have been contradicting their own selves. In one article, “She latched on to the hood of the car”, but in another “He STRUCK

  7. So just watch what you’re reading before you start to believe any of it. Only the people who know him will think of him as a truly good person. As for the rest of the public, they need to keep an eye on all of those liars who have been playing up the truth and painting it with bright colors.

  8. So what if they said he is Lebanon or china??

    He was driving, had an accident. He did not murder anyone, a women stood in front of his car, possibly he did not see her, or was too scared..

    Whatever it is, we call for justice.

    And we ask Allah to save him from the harm, and let him out of his dilemma clean as he is a clean person .

  9. I’ve been holding back since I learned what happened to Abdul Aziz, cause I was raised not to judge right away, and going by the motto of “Innocent until proven guilty”.

    which was in line with my line of work. From what I read through different newspaper articles, I realized that Abdul Aziz was convicted before he was even brought back to Florida from New York.

    Not surprised with that, because of the media people and the carefully chosen words used by them i.e. Naturalized US citizen, Born in Lebanon, Muslem.

    As if it is a given for someone who’s born outside the States or muslim to do this kind of act. How is this related to what happened, so if someone kicked somebody in the face we say the kicker is from China cause he used a Karate move??!! Then to top it all we get the so called “investigator” that’s what he calls himself, Sean Osbourne the “information analyst” who brought this case to another dangerous level by saying “Abdulaziz Bilal HAMZE: Profile of a Potential Islamic Terrorist”, this was revealed through his “investigation”.

    Ok Osborne, I believe you should brush up on your investigative skills and may be get more courses or practice more instead of conducting this so called “investigation” through reading newspapers. Being an investigator myself, I’m sure you have learned somewhere through your investigation life that you cannot depend on newspapers or media when you conduct an investigation, this will prove that your investigation is objective.

    However, all I see you did was used the cut and paste from their articles and made your “extensive investigative report” about Abdul Aziz and came up with the stupid conclusion that he was a potential terrorist.

    Your title is an information analyst? I can only imagine what kind of results you come up with to the institution you work for.

    By reading your article I realized how ignorant you are about terrorism and I thank God that the United States do not depend on your reports otherwise I can see the majority of people born outside the States and hold a degree getting arrested for being potential terrorists if they break the law. Enough said. I made my point in replying to your ignorant article.

    I personally know Abdul Aziz and a few members of his family, and I can assure the world that what happened to him is not something his family teach or promote. I’m not saying that what happened is not awful, but we were not there to know the truth of what happened, I know the woman was dragged under his car, but how is that related to terrorism. Her husband was saying their car was rear ended, their car was drivable, his mother-in-law had a possible neck strain, he takes off after Abdul Aziz and catch up to him at a traffic light.

    Why not take his licence plate number and report him to the Police? What’s the urgency for Ms Hall to grab on the hood of Abdul Aziz’s van, for what?? for a fender bender, was it worth it?! Why would Abdul Aziz take off with Ms. Hall on his hood? was he scared of something? Why didn’t she let go of the hood when he started moving? a person with the right mind will not stand in front of a vehicle especially after the vehicle takes off the first time as they claimed, I’m not judging anyone by siting in my armchair and analysing what happened, but all I’m saying is we heard the story from one side, how about we hear it from the other side too before judging. We don’t know exactly what happened, we have to wait and see the trial.

    Isn’t this country about Democracy, the freedom of speech, the innocent until proven guilty?.

    I know it’s hard to be objective, especially when you read “Woman dragged 2 miles to her death, or her lifeless body was dragged under the van, but that’s what separates this country from others, the Democracy and the objectivity.

    Give Abdul Aziz a chance to present his case before you start judging and convicting him.

    Abdul Aziz is a young man who struggles through life to finish his degree and make ends meet. He does not like terrorism and he’s not a terrorist. As a matter of fact he fights terrorism and warn from it. What happened is unfortunate, and is not a terrorism related issue.

  10. May Allah make it easy on our bro Abdul Aziz Hamze

  11. Give Abdul Aziz a chance to present his case before you start judging and convicting him.

  12. Allah y3ino :S , Nshallah bi bayyin el 7ak

  13. This man abdulaziz hamza is a very polite man.I also know him personaly.He is a very quite person.He is also very polite.There is no way that he killed this women on purpose.insha’allah abdulaziz hamza is found not guilty.i would realy enjoy it if i could see this man at the mussalah again.make du3ah for our muslim brother abdulaziz bilal hamza.

  14. There will always be two sides of 1 story…. we obviously heard the side of the Hall family, it’s interesting to read Hamze’s side of the story..

    No one really knows what happened that night, we need to be open minded and hear their voices.

    All I know, Hamze is innocent until proven guilty, and I will wait to hear what really happened that night. Since the incident happened near a traffic light, I hope there is a way to pull records from the cameras that are usually installed to monitor people passing “red lights”… Maybe we can then see what really happened that night..

  15. I don’t know what’s going on here or what really happened during the night of the accident..

    It’s sad to hear that someone died this way and that she had kids…

    It makes me wonder though, if you’re a caring mother of two, why would you stand (or throw yourself, either way) in front of a car? Especially, if you feel that he’s an aggressive driver or seems dangerous? It doesn’t make sense! I would think twice before stepping in front of someone’s car, specifically at night and after a car accident!

    Something is not right… I can’t wait to hear the full story! We’ve heard so many things on the news and the truth is yet to reveal..

  16. doesnt the law state you are innocent until proven guilty? or is there wasy of going around the laws these days just to put down Muslims… thats what it seems to me.

  17. I know that Abdul Aziz is a sweet and polite person who wouldn’t hurt a fly, his family raised him well and taught him the values of life and how to use his time constructively and lawfully.

    I was shocked when I heard about the the whole ordeal.

    unfortunately, some people jump to conclusions right away and start pointing fingers by accusing him of being a murderer or a terrorist.

    How can people do this and his trial was not set yet, and no one heard his side of story?!! How can you be fair and start throwing accusations without hearing the two sides? How can he stand a so-called “fair trial” if he’s already been convicted and his name is smeared all over the news as a killer? No thanks to the exaggerated media reports and the high profile this story has been given.

    All I ask is for people to be patient and wait to hear the other side of the story.

    Knowing Abdul Aziz, I know that he would never take off like that and leave the scene of an accident especially, if someone was hanging on to the hood of his car.

    Abdul Aziz you are in our du3a2, and let the truth be known bi idhnillah. May Allah make it easy on you and on your loving family.

  18. I met Abdul-Aziz a while ago, it was a weekend and I had never met him before that. I instantly became friend with him and was impressed with his manners and politeness. I know that such comments will never get him out of his trouble, but all I can say is that I wish for him a fair trial.

    He has been a law abiding citizen, never harmed anyone and never was questioned. He should be treated equally and have the chance to defend himself. After all, we are in America. Though there are many people against Islam and Muslims and assume that Muslims are terrorists, we are in America, and I do believe that there are people out there that are not prejudice and are educated enough to know that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and that Abdul Aziz deserve a fair trial and a fair jury that’s going to put aside his religion and background and just look at him as a US citizen just like them.

    The jury should also realize that Sandra Hall is probably 4 times bigger than Hamze and by her jumping and screaming on the front of his van is a terrifying scene. Let alone the fact that he was 1 against several others.

  19. I have known Abdel Aziz Hamze for many years now. He is one of the nicest people you would ever meet. He is very calm and quiet. We would play soccer and basketball in a summer camp and talk about recent events. It is a tragedy that this would happen, but insha Allah he will be cleared from this calamity. May Allah keep him patient and let him get out of this calamity safely. Insha’ Allah.

  20. may GOD help him and be out of jail soon – FREEDOM FOR ABED ALZIZ-


  21. Hang in there Abdelaziz. It doesn’t matter what people say out of their prejudice and hatred. The Truth.. is starting to show.

    Clearly those who know Abdelaziz have already predicted that he didn’t mean to kill anybody.

    They know he is a clean person. In that incident, he was threatened and tried to protect himself.

    Those people threatened him so he ran off. He called 911, but while in the midst of people banging on his window, he couldn’t talk or think.

    He probably didn’t even pay attention that he was dragging the lady.

    And we all know what type of people he was dealing with; their own records are a witness. One can tell how they were trying to solve it with their own hands. So realistically, in that moment, it was either that he runs or be beaten up to death.

    Let’s wait to hear the whole story, since we weren’t in his own feet, we cannot judge him. So for those educated, open-minded people who really want to know what happened, who want to be fair should keep hearing Abdelaziz’s side of the story as told by his lawyer.

    Be patient Abdelaziz, hopefully justice will prevail..

  22. I am American and i just want to say that it is not fair that hamze stays in prison not only for a sec. The true story makes sense and proves that hamze was afraid for his life”

  23. all i can say his better then u an me !!i love him alot wallah…

  24. its not fair to keep abdul aziz in the jail and these criminals are out in freedom .they should be in the place oof abdulaziz in the jail and abdul aziz should be in freedom

  25. The media has judged him and convicted him before the trial ever took place. It’s his Constitutional and God-given right to a fair trial. The truth MUST come out. At 10 o’clock at night, if some drunkard jumped on your car, would you not feel threatened too?? Don’t judge the poor man by what is read in the newspapers and what is shown on television. He deserves a fair trial, it is completely unfair to judge him because he’s a practising Muslim.

  26. Abdul aziz should stay out of the prison he should not be in for a sec he is not a murder or even a criminal .

    Freedom for Abdul aziz

  27. FREE ABED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. abdul aziz he is good man i love to see hem back salam for u

  29. we miss him !!!
    his from the best guys ever !!!

  30. so, shouldnt we begin a campaign of making this story public and displaying openly and publicly that we are completely opposed to the entire situation?

    i dunno about u guys but im presenting this story to my school’s philosophy club, a club which mainly specializes in debating

  31. It’s already very publicised in the USA , and they are turning it like white-black issues and such …

    i just hope this poor guy get a fair trial .

  32. ummm… Maybe he should get a publicist. a Lawyer can only do so much… it’s too bad I can’t say the same for the lady he ran over. I’m not concerned with who’s guilty or who’s not. that doesn’t matter. We live in America. Get a lawyer, a publicist and a myspace before you make your case.

  33. Hamze was recently sentence to 30 years. and at sentencing was saying how this lady jumped on his hood, he is not the only person responsible for what happened that night.

    He had one of the worse public defenders in the county. If not the worst.

  34. 30 years !! and that will bring her back to life ?!!
    May Allah make it easy on him and give him his freedom back soon ..

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