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Question about BMQ

Question : I’m about to start my summer BMQ at Meaford and I had a few questions, on terms of toughness do you feel its something a 17 year old could handle, such as the ruck marches etc …

Also what kind of things will I need to purchase myself for my kit besides a razor, shaving cream and a brush. Any other info you could add would also be greatly appreciated.

Answer : Hello and Thanks for visiting my website , to answer your questions :

-1- Yes the ruck marches is not something easy and i think you are late to do something about it , you should have trained before , but the age is not a problem , during my BMQ there was 16 years old people that did it without any problem , other are not better than you , if they did it you can do it … you will get tired the first few weeks but you will get used to it after a while , you just need to push your self to the limit and never give up .

-2- other than the razor i would take some sweets , during my training its the best thing i made especially on field when you put a lot of energy you need some sugar to get better , other than that everything is given .

They will give you a list of the required items .

Good Luck .


  1. get double of the kit you need make sure you have inspection kit then the kit you actually use. thats socks toothbrush toothpaste soap and soap dish underwear. basic is more of a shock to the system. if u think u wanna quit thats just normal. dont quit until you are done your trade training.

  2. Hi My Name is Jeff, im 15 years old and Im Looking into joining the Reservs in Febuary when im of age. My Brother did his traiing last summer, at teh age of 16, and he dident finish it, but i was wondering, What type of Training should i start off with this summer to get myself in Shape for next summer’s BMQ.?

  3. BMQ dont need such effort , all what you need to be able to do is the basics .

    20 push ups , run 2-3 km and you should be ok .

    after that it’s training , it’s a progressive thing even if you are weak you can make it , it’s more a mental thing than a physical thing .

    because in the army during your courses its a 18hr/job/day , you are always on .

    so you need to push your self to your limits and never give up , its very hard but after accomplishing it you feel very proud of your self .

  4. Hi,

    Im 15, and like Jeff, im also interested in joining the reserves when I am of age. But, I am unsure of somethings. So, if I am correct (Im still very unsure), Reserve training takes place throughout the year a few times a week, yes? And during the summer months, BMQ is done? Im wondering if the BMQ that would be compleated in the Reserve, summer month training is transferable to full time CF BMQ. Is all the training exactly the same, it just takes longer? Im just wondering if I join the reserves, will I have to compleate all the Full time CF forces training again?


  5. Also, in addition to reserve BMQ training, what other things (types and training and such) are/can be compleated throughout the year and during the summer?

    thanks again

  6. I am a 17 year old reservist who is about to do his fall,weekend BMQ from Feb 9th to June 1st. Could you tell me how it differs from summer, full time BMQ and what I could expect. How long are the days? What days do I train on? What if you miss a week because your sick or injured etc.? Also any tips on getting through it would help to. Thanks

  7. Between the weekend BMQ and the full time BMQ i would take the full time one if I were you for many reasons.

    1)The actual course will be more challenging because it is non stop
    2)you dont have to worry about school at the same time
    3)you will have some (not alot mind you) time off during the evenings where as on the part time BMQ they push you as hard as they can and you can burn out because you dont have any down time for 12 days straight (5 days of school, 2 days of training 5 days of school 2 days off)

  8. quick Q, when u apply, u wait for a phone call, is the call from a 1-800 number, or is it from ur local recruiting office or what?

  9. i received a call from the local center where i did my exam .

  10. hi i would like to know how i should work out to be ready because i have a year till i can join so i want to know how to work out and should i bring a energy drink ? cuz my step bro did and he said it helped a lot and do they let you buy them there an is it better to do my bmq full time or part time if you guy can help me out that would be very help full

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