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Stupid Americans

I couldn’t stop my self from posting this … it’s what i call a real viral effect .

It’s a Video Made by Australian Tv Station .. about some Stupid Americans …plz don’t take it personally , stupid people exist everywhere starting from the white house where the big miserable failure live :)

This is the Description of the Clip :

So what if they don’t know how many sides a triangle have? Or who Tony Blair is? That is not fair…just because their president is as intelligent as a door, it doen’t mean they’re all like that…if you still think American people are stupid, watch this video and change your mind

Sorry but now i really don’t wonder how The Miserable Failure Bush made it to the White House


  1. Oh is this freaking funny…sad, actually.

    Because it is so true!

    I welcome exceptions, as there are plenty to surround yourself with.

    However, for a country of this size, it is a small number that would this video to be wrong.

  2. I feel sorry for the Americans; you’d have better luck asking them about the names of the actors and actresses in the current sit com; or about the progress of their favorite reality show.

    That is their reality!It is pitiful, really!A nation of ignorant people!

  3. This video proves nothing.

    Americans can go to any other country and ask many people random questions too, and just edit the clips into the people who screwed up badly.

  4. I know we aren’t all stupid but some of those questions were just something that no one know!

  5. the only one i didnt know was the cafe one, never heard of it.

    but u gotta admit the US SUCK at international geography, i mean cmmon if i can point out azerbaijan for you or bujumbura then they should be able to know that australia isnt korea

  6. all of those questions are basic general knowledge quetsions, its shocking that those people did not know the answer

  7. Result of being on FOX NEWS and CNN 24/24

  8. One of the funniest parts was when some of them thought that Australia was Korea, Iran and even France. And the interviewer was Australian aswell lol, wonder what he thought?

  9. wow, I’m almost ashamed to be living in America… Although that is a very small handful of people, although I see a big difference between the intelligence of Americans and lets say when i go to poland, mostly because of schools. A straight A student in America will get mostly C’s in Poland, it’s rather sad.

  10. Although it might not be true but you gotta face the fact that americans are not as smart but rather lazy….

  11. Hillarious though pretty sad that you could find ANY one from ANY developed nation that couldnt answer at least 90% of these questions. That said… you’ll notice that they keep panning back to the same half dozen boobs for choice quotes.

    All this proves is that if you hang around Venice Beach for a day you can find a handful of dotz. Anyone dumb enough to make a sweeping generalization like “Americans are stupid”, based on these statistics should really take a hard look in the mirror. :-)

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