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The following message could not be delivered to all recipients

Update :

To fix this problem :

Disable the handwriting tab.

Tools > Options > Messages > Unlick “Show the Handwrite tab in conversation windows”

Sign out > Exit > Open MSN back up

Thank’s to “The Fixer” Comments # 18

// End Update

Lately i have been receiving this error on msn when ever i try to contact someone on the list or someone try to contact me : The following message could not be delivered to all recipients ,it’s an annoying problem since you can’t have a normal discussion with your contact list .

I made some search and found that I’m not the only one … and even you (reader) are probably here because you have the same problem .

The Reason for the MSN ERROR mentioned is related to WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER .

The Weird thing is that sometime you can’t send a pm to a member but you can send a handwritten message .

Some people mentioned that this could be caused by a drop in the connection between microsoft server and your pc but i dont think so , the message The following message could not be delivered to all recipients is received by a lot of people .

MSN support team said to uninsall the msn and install it again , sometime this method works for a while , but it will mess up again and you will receive the msn error message again : The following message could not be delivered to all recipients

on microsoft site they mentioned a way to solve this , but i dont even have Live Communications Server 2005 Enterprise Edition .

1. On the client computer that is running Windows Messenger, click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click OK.
2. Type ipconfig /flushdns, and then press ENTER.
3. Type ipconfig /registerdns, and then press ENTER.

after that no idea what they were talking about …

but i tested the first 3 steps and it seem to be working now , i can receive pm’s .

If you know any solution let me know ;) , feel free to share it !

The following message could not be delivered to all recipients


  1. Update : Another weird thing is that when u start a conversation with someone else it will work , but he can’t pm you if you dident pm him first …

    Welcome to Microsoft WORLD !

  2. The following message could not be delivered to all recipients

    The Steps i mentioned wont help you , i even tried web messenger (msn in the browser) same issue , kept receiving the same BS …

    The following message could not be delivered to all recipients

  3. I do get these messges on Live msnger..but not on other apps like Kopete (linux) or even meebo.com web client.

  4. To add a bit more information – in addition to it not working on WLM or Web Messenger, the same thing also happens on the XBox360 using Messenger on it. I can start conversations and for the most part they work fine (but the other person still occasionally gets the dreaded message) but no one can actually start a conversation with me.

  5. I tried Meebo , i can start conversations but when someone send me a message he get the The following message could not be delivered to all recipients ….

  6. I have the same prob over last few days as well. Big pain in a***

  7. I’m having the same issue, however I’m not able to send messages out to people. I’ve tried all sorts of things, uninstalling and reinstalling, installing 7.5, using a different screen name. No matter what, I get the same issue. I did notice however that my problems first became apparent on Trillian. I then switched to MSN Messenger and it worked fine for a few weeks. Now Trillan, MSN Messenger, Meebo AND Web MSN Messenger intermittently won’t let me send messages. :\

  8. What a coincidence. The day they release the Xbox360 Messenger connectivity service, everything goes bad ;)

  9. yeah i have the same problem….i dont think its anything wrong with my computer because it doesnt work from anywhere…the web, msn, wlm, ebuddy…a friends house….it just doenst work!!!
    and microsoft doesnt have a clear answer on their website….if anyone can figure this out, im gonna be impressed and really happy….good luck.

  10. Thought I was the only one, seems i’m not, its a global issue. I’m in Argentina and keep having this problem, and haven’t found a way to solve it. It’s unbelievable how much we depend on this application. Any thoughts or solutions? Haven’t found anything related that was useful on the web.

  11. Its account related. I created a new account and works fine. Shouldnt be that way, but it seems to solve my problem for the moment.

  12. Yes exactly , i wanted to post about it but wanted to be more sure , i have another email address and tested it and worked fine .

    i dident receive any The following message could not be delivered to all recipients message .

    Hope MSN will fix the problem soon ,i have no intention to export my msn list to another new account .

  13. Do you want something more weird ???

    Go as “appear offline” and it will work :o

  14. Yes, it did work. Now I get message pop ups! Too bad nobody knows im online!
    Will keep searching for a solution. Any news let us know! Thanks chaaban!

  15. I’ve been using WLM at my job for almost 3 months now. Everything has been just fine…until last week. When my boyfriend initiates a message to me I can see everything he is typing. However, when I try to respond to him it gives me the nonsense message “The following message could not be delivered to all recipients.” My IT dept has looked my computer over and over and it’s not my computer or internet connection. Interesting enough, if the person is already on my buddy list (i.e.-a coworker) I can send AND receive messages just fine. Very strange, because even some of them have yahoo or hotmail addresses…has nothing to do with that…I’m tired of it.

  16. :] It happens to me, that’s why Im here. Eh, I seriously NEED TO FIX IT!

  17. A temp solution that i found is by installing a Vista MSN style :


    You need to Exit MSN , install it and open it again , the problem is solved at 95% ..

    Still sometime i get the error message , when it happen i just close msn and open it again .

    Seem this solution is working for now .

    I dont know about you guys …

  18. Disable the handwriting tab.

    Tools > Options > Messages > Unlick “Show the Handwrite tab in conversation windows”

    Sign out > Exit > Open MSN back up

    Hopefully should work for u guys…I had the same prob.

  19. nope, none of these things are working AT ALL! :( it’s been like this for a couple of days…NONE of the messages are going through for anyone! i’m gettin super annoyed…

  20. the following message could not be delivered to all recipients in msn ver 7.0 & 7.5

  21. ARGG!!! THIS IS TOTALLY SCREWING UP MY SOCIAL LIFE!! And it’s making everyone I’m talking to gets annoyed after a while….

  22. the problem isn’t just for WLM. i know this because i can’t even use WLM. i have a mac and have been having the same problems on MSN, aMSN, adium and mercury. and none of your solutions are helpful to a mac user:P

  23. i start a chat with someone,then like 5-10 minutes later …it just stops sending nothing happens so you dont no..but the peopel stop replying so i sign out and a pop up comes up saying

    “msn could not start a conversation with “such and such” plz try again

    now that has happened for weeks ….[think about how many times ive signed in and out!!!! a day!! ]

    and im been reinstalling it like 10 times now and even getting older versions ..and trying other accounts

    i do not no what to do!! its frustrating

  24. Has anyone tried using a proxy?

  25. Please I have a problem in my Windowns Live Messenger
    I used to have WLM 8.0 but then I can’t sign in coz they obliged me to download and use the newer version WLM 8.1
    I downloaded WLM 8.1 but after I sign in directly an error occurs with send error report or don’t send option.
    Note that the same version WLM 8.1 I downloaded @ my work and it worked there properly. but it is not working @ home
    how can I solve such issue????? PLZ HELP

  26. i have the same Problem!

  27. I have the same problem Hossam. Did you already find a way to fix it? let me know

  28. same problem hossam

    any help???

  29. The only way to fix this is the person you are talking to must be talking with u. So, in other words, u cannot typt to them without them typing back… this is what happens to me

    Hope this helps!

  30. Guys, it has somthing to do with Windows Journal View and the handwritting, all my friends sent me handwritting, so I went and installed Windows Journal View so I could draw nazi symbols and whatnot, now I get the message every time I try and talk, so as the guy before said, disable handwriting ;]

  31. Yep same problem. Very hard to pin point. sometimes this happens mid chat sessions other times just happens and i hav eno idea.

  32. Well that problem about the this message can not be delivered to the following recipients, i tried the steps with the start, and run thing.
    And i tried it again and it didn’t work. HELP ME FIX THIS PROBLEM

  33. Alex see at the begining of the post , the problem came from the Handwirten option , you only need to disable it and msn will be ok …

    Disable the handwriting tab.

    Tools > Options > Messages > Unlick “Show the Handwrite tab in conversation windows”

    Sign out > Exit > Open MSN AGain …”

  34. hello,
    i read beforee about thesee messages, as they appeared on my windows live messenger program. a way i have found is, go to
    the plus bar
    go down to lock messenger
    restart pc/ or log off
    and go back to msn
    and it should work

  35. i seem to be getting this problem only when my contacts appear to be offline…i can talk to them if they are online, but i cannot talk to them if they really are offline or if it they appear to be

  36. ok this is weirder…see if there are any guru’s out there that can help…i am using yahoo messenger but have all my msn contacts in there.. When pming them i get all messages and they get mine but it says message not delivered…but its not true it does get delivered….not sure whats going in there. but obviously its on the msn side as i don’t see any of those problems on the yahoo side.

  37. My brother had the same problem and after he send me a handwritten note through MSN everything seemed to work. Strange problem….

  38. it seems to me after using chabans idea on 25/07 my msn works after like before now

  39. the handwriting thing worked for me thank you very much (Y)

  40. I wasn’t lucky with any of the procedures above. The maximum I got was to send through a handwriting, and it only worked once, but never worked with messages. I got a new profile, and it worket fine for about 3 hours… I don’t think I’ll get a new one… I´ve tried logging on pc’s via web (webmessenger, IloveIM, meebo), on my pc (Windows Messenger, Live Messenger 8.x) and on my mac (adium, Microsoft Messenger) only to get the same thing every time: “The following message could not be delivered to all recipients”. Now I’m trying to convince my friends to switch to AIM or any other product not developed by Microsoft, but its hard… I really hate Microsoft products, and despise my dependence on them.

  41. this is weird. NONE OF THE ABOVE SOLUTIONS WORK.

  42. Thanks for the handwriting solution. I thought that might be the problem, but didn’t know what to do about it. (Even though it does make me sad to diable it…)

  43. I have tried the Handwritng thing and have disabled it and it worked for a bit, but then i got ‘The following message could not be delivered to all recipients’ Again! What do i do next?

  44. i exited and then opened er up again and it worked

  45. I had the same problem but then I followed I uninstalled and reinstalled WLM and it worked again!! THANK YOU!!

  46. I have a problemI tried the handwriten thing but the problem only happens with my friend who has yahoo so you cant use the handwriten tool. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
    ps. this hasnt happened before and it doesnt happen when I am talking to people who have hotmail! its crazy please help me

  47. thank you it started working hopfuly this will stay
    thabks but I woould still like my questions answered please
    ps.if you didnt know they are the 2 above
    thank you so much

  48. My dad says it’s probably blocked.
    If you think it is unblock it.
    It should work.

  49. for the following message i found a solution type in ebuddy in google and click on ebuddy lite messenger. hit msn mobile on the next page and log in. not as much selections buts its temporary until u fix ur regular problem with windows live messenger

  50. thats for the following message could not be delivered..

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