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Basic Military Qualification : Graduation

It has been more than a month that the graduation occurred (31th of March to be exact) … but it’s only now that i got the time to post about it :)

Here is the Certificate we got : Basic Military qualification graduation

The Ceremony was super nice , more than 200 persons were at the basic military qualification Graduation , we did a lot of exercises for the ceremony , and we had a lot of stress , since it was the first time in our life , so we didnt know what to expect .

We had to go one by one in front of all the crowd , walk the military way , salute the commander , take the certificate and return to the line .

It was the first time that i didn’t take pictures … and now i regret it since no one sent me the pictures yet ..

I would like to Thanks All those who helped us achieving the first step in the military life :

- Lieutenant Zhang (Course Commander)
- Master Warrant Lessard
- Sergent Landry
- Master Corporal Dittmar
- Master Corporal Wong
- Caporal Chef Morris
- Corporal Daoust
- Corporal Chisholm
- Caporal Valiente
- Caporal Deschenes
- Corporal Wong (For the Food )

Also would like to congratulate : Private Sarkar for being the #1 in this Course :)

And finally All those who were with me , and who didnt fail to finish the course (Note That our BMQ started with 60+ soldiers and the course ended with only 30+ soldiers)

By Alphabetical Order :

- Private ABBOTT (RMR)
- Soldat Alix-Robitaille (34 CER)
- Private Ayleh (BW RHR)
- Soldat Brault (51 BN S)
- Private Carranza (BW RHR)
- Private Chafe (2 FD REGT)
- Soldat Cirap (R De MAIS)
- Private D’Alesio (BW RHR)
- Private Datsiouk (BW RHR)
- Private Diaz (RCH)
- Private Dunn (BW RHR)
- Eleve Officier Ethier (4 R22 ER)
- Private Findlay (BW RHR)
- Soldat Grondin (2 FD REGT)
- Soldat Guilbeault (R De Mais)
- Private Hannon (51 BN S)
- Private Khandaker (RMR)
- Private Korycansky (RMR)
- Private Lakhia (RMR)
- Soldat Landry (51 BN S)
- Soldat Leger (R De Mais)
- Private Lowson (CGG)
- Private Mann (2 FD REGT)
- Private Marandola (RMR)
- Soldat Sarkar (34 CER)
- Private Selway (RCH)
- Private Sheppard (51 BN S)
- Elof Tremblay (51 BN S)
- Eleve Officier Tremblay (CGG)
- Private Trottier Harrison (BW RHR)
- Soldat Verville (4 R22ER)
- Soldat Vinogradov (FUS MR)
- Private Yougson (BW RHR)

There is a big chance that we do our SQ (Soldier Qualification) same time this summer , So good luck for all of you :)

For those who visit my blog for the first time , i started posting about my military experience from the first day , you can see how things went from day 1 to the last day , sometime i go back and read how my first few weeks were and i start laughing :)

Good Memories !!

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