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Virginia tech massacre

I didn’t want to blog about this A.H (Cho Seung-Hui) who Killed at least 32 innocent students … but then changed mind …

Cho Seung-Hui sent pictures and video and some letter before he commit the massacre , i searched youtube and gvideo nothing there yet .

And too busy to take them from nbc and convert them …

April 18: Virginia Tech gunman Cho Seung-Hui sent what NBC Anchor Brian Williams referred to as a “multimedia manifesto” to NBC between shootings.

So i will only put some pictures :


Cho Seung-Hui looks like he was influenced by Tomb Raider …

Update : The video clips of CHO SUNG HUI

Those were the last Confessions of the Virginia Tech Killer’s Video , it seem he video taped the clips after the first killing .

More info about sho soung hu might appear will update if necessary …


  1. To those in charge of this site:
    As a Virginia Tech student, present the day of the shooting, I ask that you block this image from Google’s search engine, as well as others.
    That face does not symbolize or stand for what Virginia Tech or its students embody. It is disheartening to see him everytime I want to, or others want to, find pictures associated with my school.
    Pictures of the victims would be acceptable. But not this, not him. These images and videos of him only spread his hateful message.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    Sarah Crossett
    Animal and Poultry Sciences
    Virginia Tech

  2. Listen in order for the pictures and videos of Cho to stop coming up in google as well as other search engines, please remove them from your site. I have been asked by a friend to help have this done since these are not what truly represent the school itself. Virginia Tech is one of the most world renowned schools. I would truly appreciate it.

  3. This is not Virginia Tech. When I google search “Virginia+Tech”, I do not want to see disturbing, violent images of a deranged student who destroyed 32 lives. Virginia Tech is maroon and orange and the hokies and VT football. It is not Cho. Please work on fixing this, because it is very disturbing to the victim’s families and friends.

  4. hey,
    i’m not really sure if there’s anything you can do about this, but someone came up with the idea to support vt by making sure that cho’s pictures didn’t come up when you searched for pictures of virginia tech . the pictures you have posted here are number two on google, and i’d really appreciate it if you could try and remove them, at least for a search only asking for vt instead of specifying cho.
    i hope what i said made sense, and appreciate your cooperation.

  5. yes, i totally agree, Cho should not be the first thing that pops up when you search. So please remove the tags that link this to the google search engine

  6. To those in charge of this site:
    As a Virginia Tech student, present the day of the shooting, I ask that you block this image from Google’s search engine, as well as others.
    That face does not symbolize or stand for what Virginia Tech or its students embody. It is disheartening to see him everytime I want to, or others want to, find pictures associated with my school.
    Pictures of the victims would be acceptable. But not this, not him. These images and videos of him only spread his hateful message.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    Matthew Leslie
    Political Science Major
    James Madison University.

  7. Everyone seems to have gotten Seung’s message all wrong. He wanted peace, love, and a world without bullying and racism. That’s not hard to figure out, all you have to do is listen to him. Being blind to his message will only bring more pain and death. Everyone wants to blame him for what happened but the truth is is that society is to blame for school shootings. I’ve been doing research on Seung for over a year now and I can tell he was a really sweet person. If people had been kinder to him none of this would have happened. I know what it’s like to be bullied and harassed. For me it’s not only the kids at school but the adults too. Recently, I got punched in the face at school by another girl and I get suspended for 7 days when I didn’t even touch her. The Vice Principal hates me because I’m a goth and I still don’t know the exact reason she suspended me. I’m so sick of all the sluts and people that think they’re better than everyone else. So, I truly know how Seung felt. I wish I could have met him. At my school he could’ve gotten a girlfriend easily, most of my friends think he’s hot. I carry a picture of him with me and he kept me going through last summer when my dad ignored me to be with his women. Seung is a good person who snapped under the torture of society’s cruel, selfish ways. Also, he helped me find my soulmate. I would personally like to thank Seung for helping change my life for the better and helping me find the love of my life.

    Peace be with all.

    Whitney Dracula
    Studying to become a Lawyer

  8. Whitney i know we are living in a crazy world full of hatred and racism … i just want to know how do you see Seung a peaceful guy ? killing for you is peace ? do you think this is the solution ? when you are angry at society you go kill innocent people ? if this was the case i would have murdered 80% of the population but this is not a solution , this is how our world is made , different people , different way of thinking and we have to live together , just live your life , do your own stuff , try to have a better world and try to be a better person … if each person do it this way our world would be much better , if we do it Seung Way we would have a world … well just like this world .

  9. To those in charge of this site:
    As a Virginia Tech student, present the day of the shooting, I ask that you block this image from Google’s search engine, as well as others.
    That face does not symbolize or stand for what Virginia Tech or its students embody. It is disheartening to see him everytime I want to, or others want to, find pictures associated with my school.
    Pictures of the victims would be acceptable. But not this, not him. These images and videos of him only spread his evil message.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

  10. To whitney how in the world can you call someone sweet, when he has murdered around 32 people its not sweet its sick. Im glad that he helped you find your soulmate but he ruined the chance for others to find theirs. What is his message exactley, when you get bullied go and kill somebody?….seriously. I had a friend who was bullied on a regular basis he even ended up in the hospital, yeah he hated them for it, i’m sure he thought about killing them but the point is he didn’t. I honestly think that if your in a state where you have to carry a picture of a serial killer in your pocket for encouragment then you need to get help and talk to somebody about all your troubles. I wish you the best in life

  11. Please Whitney, you cannot possibly think a person who murdered 32 people is sweet. He was a mentally disturbed individually who comitted a truly evil act on April 16 and I am personally offended as a student at Virginia Tech by anyone who would try to justify his actions. Of course our world is unfair and people are mistreated but like chaaban said, you can’t kill people because you’re unhappy. That’s great that he helped make your life better but why don’t think about the 32 lives he destroyed and their friends and family who must deal with their loss forever. I’m sorry that our society is hard on you but thats something you’re just going to have to deal with and you should never, ever applaud a person who has committed such terrible acts. You should be ashamed

  12. This is bullshit. for those saying they want it removed.

    hey this is america.


    wow feels good to use that line.

    How do you think I feel when I just want to watch a certain cartoon but 99% of the other channels show retards hitting each other with baseball bats????

    not that I wouldnt enjoy thhat but mind the contrast.

  13. this is pure idiocy. Cho didnt commit the crime he did to be evil. its easy to understand why he did it, im sure everyone has those days when they just want to snap and do something like this. I feel sorry for Cho, and the ones who were killed. The whole thing is just pure idiocy…

  14. I agree with witney dracula…
    IT IS FUCKING TRUE. It really gets people pissed when all they rant about is how your a cutter and you need therapy cuz ur suicidal. I guess seung just had to die someway and he did a suicide massacre…instead of dying and leaving a hate note…

  15. Yes lets be like china and block items from coming up in a search, Sweep everthing under a rug. Ok yeah he killed these people, and you want him not to come up in a search? doesnt mean he didnt exist. In fact if he didnt come up in the search, then i wouldnt be able to find anything on him for a paper im writing. For everyone who wants this to be removed, I say,Ignore the pictures. Its the same as having it blocked. Or better yet, dont search things on the internet, because no matter how many things you look up youll always be offended by one thing or another. Fight for Internet freedom. I agree with P.

  16. Anybody who tries to defend the killing of 32 innocent people has no idea what it is like to lose someone you love. This man took away students who were sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, etc. And supposedly (according to whitney) this man wanted peace and love…Well i guess he led by example. Whitney, you are souless if you think what this man did was a good thing and praise him for it. I go to Virginia Tech currently and everyday I pass the memorial and it humbles me. Murdering innocent people is no way to solve any problem that he had.

  17. “Dan Rieck” You damn fool! Yes I have lost a f* loved ones in the war.
    When I was in school, the only way i got kids to stop f* with me was finally get into a fight and fight them off, i wish i had shot the f*, but I ended up stabbing this dumbass in the stomach with a pencil and got kicked out for no reason. THEY f* started it and I got blamed and accused as a bad person when i was the f*

    a peaceful way to solve this s*?
    NO, I tried SO SO SO many times to tell teachers principles and even the cop.
    when i was a in elementry school we had to ride the same bus as the highschoolers and two highschoolers forced me to kiss and lick the bottom of their shoe and the school did NOTHING.
    they said they would but didn’t!

    I also got pushed around a lot in middle and highschool
    and they did NOTHING, a few times when a teacher saw this she just told them to stop but did NOT punish them, so they continued when there was no help.
    I wanted to kill them all, and After i heard about columbine during that year 10th grade Eric and Dylan became my heroes.
    I wanted to do just what they did but did not have the means to do so.
    the only thing that happen was i got into a fight. 12th grade
    I just had to finish out the rest of the school year in alternative school.
    The f* b* got to go back when he came out the hospital.
    and i almost got charges pressed on me.

    The rest of you who think his pictures should be taken off are f* fools.
    Good that will never happen, too many people like me will just repost them.

    YOU people should NOT judge HIM, but the ONES who pushed him to do this.
    you blame HIM but that does noting to stop future killings from happening.
    you f* should focus on bullies in school!

  18. M178…you are nuts, seek help. Yeah, go murder people who have nothing to do with the ones who bully you, just so you can stop wallowing in your own self pity. Please, grow up and stop whining about being picked on. Everyone gets picked on and I’ll be damned if some asshole wants to blame me for it just b/c I’m a regular student going to Virginia Tech. Stop blaming everyone else for bad things that happen to you.

  19. **** the victims of VT. Everyone needs to stop crying over them. Im glad that they are dead, and wish Cho had taken out more.
    Its sad when it takes something as serious as shooting 32 students for society to realize how much damage bullying and racism can cause.
    ***** teachers and students are to blame for this. Not Cho.

  20. I agree, these images should be removed. But for goodness sake, show a little respect for your murdered peers, and stop stressing so much about the image of VirTech.

    That is an absolute disgrace!

  21. Reading some of these posts chills me to the bone. There are some seriously ill people posting on this site. Get help before you feel the urge to hurt innocent people. So your life isn’t perfect. Join the club. None of you angry people know the first thing about Cho. He had obvious mental problems, which were much more complex than just “bullying”. Again, seek help because threatening violence is not normal. It’s not a normal reaction from bullying either because everyone has been bullied by someone at some point in their lives.

  22. THIS GUY IS THE MAN! O he could have killed 30 or 40 more. It´s a pain he thought he was such an overpowered person to videotape himself during the massacree. He definitely wasted his time, coz he had enough ammo to keep going during hours. Despite this, he did a great job, and he did it in a blind country: the fucking states, where people just close their eyes in front of foreign problems and violent people are the main characters who have the need to bully someone else just because they think he is ¨weak”. Animals wouldn´t do it worse.

    P.S: To those who think that this heroism shouldn´t appear in google engines when searching for Virginia Tech, you are just …. You should be proud of it. This guy sponsored the school without asking for money!

  23. There are two things in life action and reaction. This messacre was a reaction.

    Learn from it…

  24. I think we need an in school specialist to keep an eye on potential trouble makers, to reference from taavi, from both the reaction side and the action side.

  25. I became interested in Cho Seung Hui’s case after hearing my parents and their friends call him all sorts of names and whatnot. Knowing how biased they are, I wanted to seek information for myself, free of any opinions. I just wanted to see the facts and the whole story, and I got it. Not from this website, but from others. I searched his biography and read up on his information( and made sure what I was reading was not filtered out, it was purely factual and free of opinions.) Henceforth, here are my thoughts on the matter.

    I think Cho Seung Hui was a sweet guy at heart who was sadly misunderstood. And to anyone who proceeds to launch a violent tirade at me, please read my entire post first. I will proceed to state the facts, and then follow up with my opinions on the matter.

    Cho Seung Hui was a student whose parents had immigrated to US from South Korea. He had a severe form of SAD called selective mutism, which impaired his speech patterns. He was known as the guy who never talked. The one time he spoke in class, his classmates made fun of him. And later on, after class was over, they pushed him down the stairs.

    Opinion: Really now, before you get all judgmental on me, the classmates seriously did NOT have to do that. It was not necessary at all. If it is, give me a good reason why. And so what if he talked funny? I suppose we all have to talk the same in order to be “mentally sane.”

    His family made fun of him, and so did the teachers and kids at school. He had been repeatedly called crazy and was sent to various psychiatrists. In fact, his English professor even threatened the dean that she will resign if Cho was not removed from her class. Her reasoning behind this statement was that Cho did not take off his sunglasses in class, he did not sign his name during introductions, and he refused to talk and participate in class. He also supposedly wrote “disturbing poems.”

    Opinion: So I guess she wanted him to conform and he did not. But she was WAY too extreme. Just let it go, stop trying to control him so much. Besides I read some of his poems. Granted he had a unique perspective on things, but what gives you the right to judge them because they are different from your thoughts? Focus on controlling your own soul. And honestly, as much as it’s fun to be labelled crazy & weird, deep down it still hurts. Not that you ‘normal’ [if such people exist] ones understand because ONLY your way is right.

    He liked this girl but due to his extreme shyness, did not talk to her. Instead, he sent her Shakespeare quotes via email. She called the police to report him.

    Opinion: I suppose he’s “creepy and stalker-ish” simply because he’s shy..yeah right. That’s got no correlation whatsoever. I do see where she is coming from since she didn’t even know who he was, but she didn’t have to report him to the police. I mean..he just sent her Shakespeare quotes. And if she was THAT afraid, couldn’t she just have met him in a public place? If he refused to do that, then she didn’t have to meet him. It’s THAT simple.

    The outcome of all his actions was to go on a killing spree. Why? According to Cho, it is to inspire “generations of the weak and the defenceless people”.

    Opinion: I do not agree with his methods, and he had no right to take people’s lives. Why? Because a life is the individual property of a person and NO ONE has any right to mess with it. But I can’t proceed to treat him inferiorly for that JUST BECAUSE he did that, and I am certainly not self-righteous. If I say that “he deserves to burn in hell” then I am no better. I have no right to be judgmental towards him and even though his morals do not agree with my morals, that is absolutely no valid basis for being judgmental and thinking of myself as superior to him. He may have been self-righteous and whatever, but I’m not him and I don’t need to reciprocate the same way. I’m neither superior nor inferior to him. And neither are you. If you are, prove it.

    Conclusion: I think Cho was a sweet guy at heart. Misunderstood and oppressed, but a guy I would have certainly liked to be friends with, if I’d ever met him. ALL he really wanted was love. He wanted someone to accept him for who he was without criticizing him. Poor guy. He did not understand that nearly everyone is cruel and judgmental towards you UNLESS you are similar to them.

    Cho, I know you’re dead now or somewhere in prison. But I want you to know that someone somewhere cares for you. I don’t care if you hate me or not. I accept you for who you are and stay strong. Your story has too many things that I can relate to. You’re not alone.

  26. all the vt students bitching about cho’s pictures being on this site or on the web need to shut the hell up!
    this is not China. anyone can put up any pics they want. stop bitching! i say good for the blog owner for not giving in to your pressure.i understand why he did it. especially with whore like sarah at that school.


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