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Website Update

As you can see … i finally decided to change the design of my website , i don’t know if the users will like or no but i do .. and that’s the important part :p

There is still some modifications to do to make it look better like changing the banner to reflect more what i do (Web programming , Army , etc ..)

But i don’t promise anything … i still have 20 days before i finish my university courses , then I’m still not decided if i will take summer courses (1 or 2) or if i will just enjoy my 4 months summer + army training .

So those are the possible projects :

Case 1 : i take 2 summer course till the end of June + web work same time and then directly start my army training till 16 august which mean a very hard and long summer .

Case 2 : i take 1 University Course , work on web , Do Daily Exercises (Swimming + Gym + running) then start my Army training .

Case 3 : Don’t take any university courses , only work on web during 2 month + full time physical training to prepare for the army training which mean a loooot of fun :)

I’m still not sure which case to choose , but mostly between 2 & 3 because , it’s hard to work all the summer then go back to work and university directly in September …

What do you guys think ?

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  1. Yo chaaban !

    i wish you good luck , you’re a very nice guy !

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