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Summer Army Training

Yesterday my recruiter contacted me to give me my summer Army trainings Dates , i will be doing my :

- SQ (Soldier Qualification) From 24 June to 14 July .
- MOC (Basic Military Occupational Training) From 15 July to 16 August .

It will be Full time (5/7 – 24/24) … so i will be sleeping there and it will be at Valcartier .

The Problem … i will be taking 2 summer course at the HEC Montreal in Management and the final exams are on the 29 and 30 of june .. so i wont be able to make them , i will contact the university to see if they can make some accommodation (they did it this semester with my mid-term exam , my final will be counted as the full grade but for the summer case its the final that i cant do …)

Orrrrr… i will just work during those 3 months instead of studying and on September i take 5 courses instead of 3 to be able to graduate .

Back to the Military Training …

The SQ (Soldier Qualification) Course :

  • Army physical fitness
  • dismounted offensive and defensive operations

  • reconnaissance patrolling

  • advanced weapons-handling (working with grenades, machine-guns and anti-tank weapons) and individual field-craft.

For the Basic Military Occupational Training (MOC or PP1)

  • Use and care of personal and section-level weapons, including rifles, machine guns and anti-tank weapons;
  • Field-craft, including personal hygiene and meal preparation, camouflage, sentry duties, signalling, selecting firing positions, tactical movements and lines of advance;
  • Construction of field defences, such as trenches and roadblocks, and laying and marking of minefields;
  • Navigation by day and by night;
  • Patrolling operations;
  • Infantry section and platoon tactics, including offensive, defensive and transitional operations.

i dont guarantee that i will be able to blog about my army journey as i did in my BMQ – BASIC MILITARY TRAINING , But will try my best to help other soldiers in there questions about training and difficulties .


  1. Update : I contacted the University and they told me that i can do the exams in January 07 …

    But i think it way too long , after 6 month i will forget what i took …

    The Good Thing is that i was looking at the calendar and the exams are on 29-30 June (Friday & Saturday) .

    I think i will be able to tell them that i need to go make exams since we don’t work on week ends .

    The problem is that there is nearly 275 km from home to the military base …

    anyway i will just forget about this now , each thing have it time .

  2. SQ is a lot of fun. You get to learn C9/C6 in the first week. That’s where I got pulled for my injury. Anyways, good luck with the university thing.


  3. Thank’s :)

    Hope those 3 months will pass quickly , on what specific training you got injured ?

    i dont know how much different is the training between regular and reserve .

    I know SQ For regular army is maybe 10 weeks and for us its 3-4 weeks .

  4. hey chaaban, I read your postings and they are very inspiring. I have applied to work for the canadian forces and I will be meeting with a recruiter soon. Im actually graduating this Sept and I have to do 2 online courses this Summer. Im wondering if there’s really time to do 2 online courses while you’re doing the BMQ. Hope to hear from you and You ROCK!


  5. Hello Ken ,

    I think you have enough time to do your BMQ and same time take 2 online courses .

    This semester i was taking 5 courses (not online – had to assist and go to the university) and same time was doing my BMQ and same time working as a freelancer (web programmer from home)

    But my bmq was part time not full time , so i only had to go on weekends , i think when you do you bmq in summer it will be for 20 days and you have Weekends off , try and see if you can study on weekends and the bmq will pass quickly especially in the summer .

    I respect the ARMY a lot , but first give most importance to the University then go ahead with the BMQ .

    Good Luck ken ,

    PS) If You have any other question let me know , will try to help with what i know .

  6. Hey chaaban your site is cool !

  7. Hey Chaaban. I have passed the medical,mental,aptitude test etc. The RHLI is going to call me in the fall(BMQ) because i was too late for the summer program. Do you have any idea when they are going to call me? Like the month would help. They just said fall. And how is the fall BMQ? I hear it’s not the same as the summer one. TY

  8. hi, I want to join the summer canadian military training, do you know how to contact them and join them.

    I live in Toronto,

    thank you

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