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Military Dog Tag

Chaaban , Why do soldiers wear a Military Dog Tag ?

Hello Antonio ,

Military Dog Tag are very useful , especially in war time .

If A Soldier die during a war , usually in the military dog tag there is two parts , they will take one and leave one on him .

Military Dog Tag

Another reason is that on the Military Dog Tag the religion is written , so if the soldier die they will know how to bury him .

Also on the Military id dog tag you can find if the soldier have any allergy on some medicine , so if he get injured during the war or in the exercise they wont give him something that will kill him :)

Hope you got more info on the Military dog Tag .

Private Chaaban


  1. I really want some personalized dog tags with the silencers and everything. Im gonna join when I get out of high school. Is there any way I could get some for free?

  2. yah i wanted to get a dogtag im thinking of joining after i finnish school, i do play paintball alot, if you guys could send me a dogtag could i get it asap.

  3. I was just wondering, are dog tags provided while you are in BMQ, SQ ?
    Also, when a soldier is under training status and/or off duty, are they still allowed to keep their dog tag or must they return if they are not on duty?

  4. Yeah , depend on your unit you get it during your BMQ (MAX SQ)

    and you keep it with you for your life .

  5. Just wanted to add that allergies arent on dog tag but on a med tag you must wear with your dog tag during war. Btw please DO NOT join Canadian Forces (especially Infantry) because you play paintball. You only think about the fun aspects of being a soldier. But I bet your playing on sunny day on even inside. Maybe a couple of time under the rain but I bet you’ve never been outside for SEVERAL hours under the rain then under zero in the same 24hrs while walking with snowshoes and Rucksack (thats the infantry life) Please reconcider your decision you might waste your time

  6. may i know, where are we more information for egine product.
    i live in indonesia denpasar bali


  7. Yah, I agree with Vandoos, just cause you play paintball, look at how much training it takes to even become a soldier, it is alot harder and the weapons weigh alot more then any paitball gun, also you only paintball or like a few hours, your average day is like 12 or even more.

  8. To everyone who is trying to get dog tags when not in the military you have to know someone who is. To get your own personalized MI Dog Tags the person you know who is in the military has to go on military and order them on there. They’re about five bucks, but you have to actually be in the military to get them. But from what it sounds like on here some of the people who have posted sound as though they just want to join for the dogtags. Funny, joining the military is not a life choice but is a 8 yr. decision, 4 yrs. active, 4 yrs. inactive, meaning that if war is going on you can be called back to active duty at any time. You can’t back out of after you sign the contract. You pretty much sign your life away, so if you’re thinking about joining the military seriously consider it and get some good information from your recruiter. Don’t let recruiters pressure you though. Remember, it’s there job to get you to join that’s how they get there paycheck so they will do everything in there power to get you in the military as fast as they can so if your unsure about something or need time to think about it just let your recruiter know where you stand and as I stated don’t let them pressure you. It’s there job. Thank you and I would like to show my utmost respect and gratitude to military veterans, as well as fellow military personnel. Thank you for your loyalty and duty to your country.
    AR Bolich
    US Navy

  9. I would like to correct myself in my last post. You can get MI Dog Tags when not in the military all you have to do is join the website for free and you can get them. But you must know what each line of the tag signifies. Sorry for the misconseption.
    AR Bolich
    US Navy

  10. Hi! I’m trying to find a site that will let me personalize a Canadian World War 2 dog tag. I’m trying to make one that’s a replica of what my grandfather would have had.

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