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Tactical Training , Last Basic military training – BMQ – QMB

We finally did it ! we are done with our Basic Military training course , this week was the last training weekend and on the 31th of March we will have our official ARMY Graduation .

In one Word the last bmq training was HARD In few pages it was :

Friday : as usual we arrived and had an inspection and signed our c7 riffle and prepared to go to Farnham .

We arrived to FARNHAM at 11:00 pm approximately , then here is where the FUN STARTED !

We were so lucky that a Snow Storm had already started and 10-15 cm of snow were on the road .

We had to walk from the base to the Camp Base approximately 3-4 km with our rack sack , we arrived at the camp and then we had to put the tent and yes it was night , we did it in the dark !

We were done at 2:30 am and we finally slept …

Army Tent

Saturday : I had to be fire picket from 4:30 to 5:00 so .. yes i only slept 2 hours ! then i woke up the other at 5:30 to prepare for the PT (Physical Training) we only had few mn to get our stuff ready and we started THE FUN TIME ! walking with our rack-sack , we were very tired because we didnt sleep enough and from the weather (Very cold) , the only problem we had in the walking is that at any time were soldiers were late and not in the line we had to make a U-turn and walk more till all get in line , then another U-TURN to get back to the road , It Didn’t work with the lieutenant because still a lot were always late , so he tried to put us in Push Up position while the other arrive , adding to this that there were people that couldn’t carry there rack sack … so we had to carry it for them !! Imagine carrying a racksack on the back and another in front (like pregnant women) , i tried it and i can say its very very difficult to walk with 2 rack sack + c7 riffle … but the good thing is that we helped each other and finally at 7:20 we finished !

Tactical attacks

During the day we took a lot of lessons related to Tactical attacks , camouflage , pyrotechnics (gaz bombs , Mortar illumination Simulator , etc ..)

I was lucky to lunch the mortar illumination simulator , at first the master warrant called a girl but she couldn’t launch it because it was a bit hard to turn so he saw me and called me to launch it , you don’t feel any special feelings but still nice , because mine was supposed to illuminate but in my case it exploded in the air because i launched it at low angle , even the instructors didnt know why …

We then had more courses on estimating how far a point is and we did some exercises , then sections attack and also we did exercises ….

In the Night we had a game with the instructors , we were given 10 blank bullets (only sound nothing go out) , we were supposed to come close to instructors at there base without them seeing us and shoot .

I shoot 3 times , but none was good … the first shoot on the instructors he told me he’s not in the game and that he’s a judge …

The next 2 bullets the instructor claimed , he saw me before i shoot :roll: :mrgreen: , anyway there place was very strategic and it was very hard to come close to them since we were in green and everything was white … so 0% camouflage and it was too cold to put snow on our self …

After that we went to eat and had prepare light for the night and tent … The Instructors came and told us there will be an Surprise attack in the night and that we only had 10 mn to put our cloth and prepare our rack sack .

So We slept at 11:00 approximately and it was very very cold , the attack was scheduled at 1:30 and i had to be firepicket from 12:30 to 1:00 (So 1:30 hr of sleeping) .

Sunday : We heard the first bullets at 1:15 , they started shooting in the air simulating an attack , so we moved to the main area but …. a lot of soldiers were late so the Lieutenant told us to go back to the tent , remove our cloth , put back our sleeping back and sleep and they will make another attack (To teach us the importance of Timing) , so they made another attack after 20 minutes and i was the first soldier to arrive , when the instructors and Lieutenant saw me , they gave me a lecture that i should never leave my section and that i have to help the other if i finished first …

Anyway our section was the first to arrive and our Sergent was very happy from us , then the other sections arrived .

Then here Again the Fun started , we had to walk with our rack sack but now it was from the camp base to the Base then come back to the base so approximately (6-8 km) with extra rack sack from the beginning .

It was a very long way and we got very tired from it but we did it , it’s just a fight between you and yourself . never surrender .

After that we had our lunch and then courses started again , section attacks , how to move in groups etc ..

We then went to shoot our blank bullets …and at the end we had to put the tent back and prepare our self to go back to Montreal .

We had to walk again from the camp base to the Base but now with the tents , we made it quickly , we didn’t had a lot of problems …

We arrived at the RCH Regiment and cleaned everything , especially our c7 riffle because the blank bullets make a lot of damages in term of carbon , 1 blank bullet = 10 real bullets .

And finally we were free to go back home !!

For this week Video , the last training of BMQ For the regular forces :


  1. congrats on completing your bmq, just remember, your upcoming courses might not be so easy, lol.

  2. Thank’s :)

    Yes … you are right .

    The upcoming courses will be harder and harder , The Good Thing is that i have 3-4 months to prepare before my next course .

    GYM Is the Solution .

  3. I graduated from Basic on Feb 15th, and I had about three weeks before I was on course. You’re French, so I figure you’re on you’re way to Val as we speak. What trade are you?

    If you’re in the infantry (hooah!) then don’t expect much of a rest.


  4. Yes i’m in the infantry …

    and yes it will be in Valcartier .

    I got my summer course , posted about it here : SUMMER ARMY

  5. Hey Chaaban how did you get pictures of BMQ? If I use a cell phone as an alarm clock in the morning i get in shit. I couldnt see pulling out a camera lol

  6. Hey man. I’m just wondering about food options at farnham. I’m currently in bmq right now and have issues saying wheat. I was just. Curious how the mess is at farnham and the different imps out there . thanks a lot

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