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Find cracked programs using Google !

Yes … even Google does have cracked software and they can be easily found .

But since we are good people with a lot of morals and ethics , i recommend to report each software you find to Google so they can remove it 8) :mrgreen:

How to find cracked programs using google ?

intitle:index.of “exe” +”Program name” -htm -html -php -asp “Last Modified”

This query allow you to search for a program called “Program name” having extension .exe .

Basically what you have to do is change the name and extension if you want to (.zip , .rar , etc..)

Plz don’t use this to get free software online , and I’m not responsible of any consequence …

Update : This is not a weakness from google … it’s only what people have on there open directories and google crawled it .

Also do not send me emails asking me to get you free E-books or cracked software !!


  1. Wow … this is a great find !

    amazing how many programs you can find with this query .. not only programs you can edit it to find specific pictures , movies and more :o

  2. Yes … but dont use it to find bad stuff :) … you know what i mean ;)

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